I’m fed up of our Malaysian National Courier.  It’s disappointing how lame and fake their so called “World Class” service is.  I’m disgusted.  Totally.

I have been waiting for a week for my new Canon IXUS 85 IS, and I was told by this courier that my package is already in town.  Things like “YaYYYY!!!!”, “Greatt!!!” all slipped into my mind, as I anticipated swift delivery to my doorstep by evening.  I was hopeful, and I was anxious.  I even put up a notice on my door to inform the courier that they should knock harder if they arrived.  I even wrote up the notice in malay to ensure everyone understood what I meant.

I waited, and waited aaaaannnnddddd waited…  I waited until I slept.  When I woke up at 6pm.. there was no package, no note about any courier arriving at my place… and no signs of a miscall.  I checked the net to trace my package and out popped the word “Unable to deliver the item due to addressee requested later delivery“.  WTF?????

Annoyed and unhappy, I called their customer support.  After giving the operator my reference number, I was told that my package could not be delivered.  Being me, I demanded an explanation… and the answer I got?? “No reason sir.WHAT?????!!!

I insisted that I was home the whole time, and the package SHOULD have been delivered!!  Ya, I was FRUSTRATED.

The poor operator couldn’t say a word, but managed to chip out whether I want them to resend the item, or I’ll collect it myself.  I choose the latter as he claimed that they could only send it by Friday… I’m anxious.. and two more days is just too damn long!

Anyway, to cut a long story short… its just sad to see how the ‘real Malaysian‘ companies work… I know, they are considered the cheapest in the sense of value.  BUT… does cheap means you have to bear with poor and quality or service??

Btw, I’m glad to note that at least one Malaysian company has improved in terms of product.  Proton has improved their cars and I’m pleased to say that after driving the Proton Saga BLM for almost 8 months, there is little to complain about.. and the car is just fantastic for its price!!


  1. Regarding proton, i agree very much with u. i finally took a very strong interest to Proton when Persona first came. They finally understood what we really want. hope they will keep it up.

    CDASON says: I’m also crossing my fingers for them. At the moment, they do produce decent cars, with cheap price. Good for the middle income people like us.

  2. Your note is so cute, haha! But their reply of “no reason”? Sheesh…

    CDASON: hahaha.. yaka?? 😛 btw, they finally explained that their flight delay from KL was delayed. They should have just told the truth!!

  3. I thought they say they do not deliver expensive stuffs?

    CDASON: Yea, they don’t. But you declare the item as something cheap like a calculator or something inexpensive, They will deliver it.

  4. But if u declare it as sumthng cheap n *touchwood* they shd lose it then u can only claim bck sumthng cheap la kan?Hehehe.

    if you read the T&C, the max they would cover is RM300. SO, a HP cost >RM300.. so, your loss la.. plus the paperwork, the hassle, the phone calls etc etc.. Best is to keep your fingers cross that they do not loss it.


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