BCCK Christmas buffet tops them all Christmas buffets


It’s extremely hard for me to change my perception of BCCK dishes when they seem to maintain a certain level of quality to their menu.

Latest in the offerings is the RM72 NETT Christmas Buffet at the Raintree Restaurant. This time around, BCCK was smart to include both the buffet into the official lighting of the BCCK Christmas tree. This means, we had some speeches to endure before jumping into the buffet. That also meant that the buffet offered would be in full scale, and not like last years ‘selected’ food tasting.

Traditional Buttered Brussel Sprout with chopped Bacon
Traditional Buttered Brussel Sprout with chopped Bacon

Unfortunately however for me, I had to rush due to a change of plans at the very last minute. Anyway, the half hour time at the buffet table was enough for me to enjoy some of the best BCCK had to offer for this Christmas buffet.

Since I had not eaten, I decided to go for Santa’s Favourite Rice, two slices of their signature Roasted Whole Lamb, and Traditional Buttered Brussel Sprout with chopped Bacon.

My main meal for the day
My main meal for the day

The lamb was as usual the highlight of the whole meal, but I’d give special mention to Santa’s Favourite Rice which was simply lovely and tasty.

With time to leave closing in, I took a bit of the Penne from Irene whom was seated beside me.

Penne with Napolitana sauce
Penne with Napolitana sauce

I’m not a huge fan of Pasta, so the Penne was nothing extra-ordinary to me. However, the Home-Made Steamed Chicken Roulade was delicious despite being a cold dish.  I’m not a huge fan of cold dishes, but I’d get a bite of the steamed chicken roulade if it was served.  Quite unique I must say.

Creamy lobster bisque
Creamy lobster bisque

Last dish before I left was from the soup kettle, which was a creamy Lobster Bisque. Maybe I’m too used to mushroom soup, so this should was not the greatest I’ve had. However, I’d like to note that the taste of lobster was very evident, so fans of such seafood would be pleased with this dish.

A wide selection of cheese
A wide selection of cheese

Also managed to taste the Whole Roasted Turkey, thanks to Irene who was kind enough to bring some to the table.  The turkey was surprising because it was so moist and nicely done, that I was convinced it was a chicken.  No one cooks turkey this way as I know, and this is my first turkey dish which I actually like!

I had a slight disagreement with Irene as I was convinced it was roasted chicken, but when Mike re-confirmed that the dish was indeed a turkey, I gave in with great delight.  This my friends, is a turkey which is worth every single mention.  Like their roast lamb, this Whole Roast Turkey was the best I’ve had ever!

Whole roasted turkey
Whole roasted turkey

To be honest, BCCK and the Raintree restaurant practically cemented my love for their menu selection with this Christmas Buffet.

My problem is that I’d not be around town to enjoy the buffet since I will be away from 20th – 27th of December. Either way, if you wish to give ’em a try, do get in touch with BCCK by calling 082 392 888 for reservations and/or enquiries.

One last note, food taste is subjective, and so the fact remains that you may not like what I like.


  1. Judging from the plate,a lot of the food taken by diners for the Xmas day brunch buffet was half eaten. Well, that clearly shows that the food was not nice. We are not country bumpkins or forest gumps!

  2. Raintree Xmas buffet brunch was a disappointment. The pumpkin soup was watery and not creamy at all. The black pepper lamb was too tough to even chew! The cooked sliced fish was tasteless and dry. The biscuits was not crunchy. Ice cream was not creamy but sorbet like. Cherry tomatoes at d salad bar was soft…not fresh. Only one serving of cream brûlée was served. Carrot cake was extra dry! Xmas pudding tasted terrible unlike the traditional Xmas pudding. Many diners were very disappointed with the quality and taste of Raintree’s Xmas brunch Buffett 2012!

    • Good morning Ms. Michelle,

      My name’s Mike and I am the Senior Public Relations for BCCK. On behalf of the management of BCCK, I sincerely apologize for your unsatisfactory time dining at The Raintree Restaurant’s Christmas Buffet Brunch yesterday. It comes as a shock and a great disappointment for me to know the food at The Raintree Restaurant does not even come close to its usual 5-star standards yesterday!

      We have taken note of your complaint and we will investigate and take the necessary actions to improve the quality of our food as well as our service.

      For that, I would like to offer two complimentary tickets to our New Year’s Eve Buffet just for you and your partner. Should you have made dinner plans outside of BCCK on New Year’s eve already, I would like to offer two Raintree Restaurant vouchers worth RM100 each as the alternative offer. We certainly want your support back as we take our customer feedback seriously.

      Please provide me your contact details at mike.cheng@bcck.com.my or at our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bcck.sarawak) so we can work on the arrangements.

      Thank you for your time with us. I hope your experience with us will be greatly improved in your next visit at The Raintree Restaurant.

      Mike Cheng
      Senior Marketing & PR Executive
      Borneo Convention Centre Kuching

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