UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! 3JULY2009@930am: Bloggers whom will come to the blogger@RWMF’09 are invited to the preview show of the RWMF at Kuching Amphiteater this 8th July, 7pm.  We will all meet up with the organising team…. and enjoy the pre-show!!  Anyone interested?? Leave a name and email.  I will contact you on details!!

Here is the latest update!!

I have been informed that bloggers amounting to 20, would be allocated a 3 day pass for RM180/- per head.  Yes.. This is a very good discount given by the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) because the original price for the public is RM250/- per head.  So, if you are interested to attend the RWMF for 3 days, do contact me before 5th of July (Sunday) so that I can make arrangements for you.  Priority would be given to the 20 bloggers which have enlisted themselves in my 1st post on bloggers@RWMF’09.  If they decide not to take up the offer, I’ll try to squeeze whom ever is interested in… but if the tickets are snapped up, then… sorry la ha…

For those not interested to go for 3 days, and think you can only make it for one day (like me)… Well, why not choose Saturday, the second day of the concert because I plan that we bloggers (which have tickets) get together and meet on this day, hence making it the official day for the bloggers@RWMF’09.  The downside is that.. there is no discounted tickets for bloggers, so you have to pay the full RM90/- if you buy the ticket online before 9th July, or pay RM100/- per head if you decide to buy it on the day of the event itself at the venue.

(Update on 3rd July 2009:  I noticed that if you purchase the ticket online, you will be subject to RM3 processing fee, and nother RM10 for every transaction(transaction fee), making the ticket cost you a whopping RM103/- if you buy it individually. So, anyone want to share2 purchase?  I mean, I buy the tickets bulk, and we divide the cost of the transaction fee.  I am going to purchse 2 tickets, so i need another 3(minimum) so that we only pay RM95 per ticket.  You do the maths la..  If you are interested, Do contact me so that we can buy the tickets together. If I rajin, I go to STB and get the tickets for RM90 (assuming they do not have hidden charges). I will do the purchse of tickets this monday(6 July 2009) at 10pm.  After that, you kena bayar sendiri la.. i try my best to help.

What will you get during this gathering??? Well, at the moment, here is a good list of disadvantages:
no drinks
no free t-shirt
no special treatment
no special pass
no freebies
no prizes
no, nothing!!

The advantages of joining in the bloggers@RWMF’09??
-you get to know new friends
-get to know new blogs and bloggers
-you get to smell each other and decide who’s using perfume, and who’s not
-you might get your face in a magazine.. (we sama-sama poke Norman, Fahriee and Edwin that day..k?)
-will definitely get to put a blog, and a face together
-it is confirmed that we will all get to sweat together!!

Honestly, I can’t promise anything at the moment.  All I can promise is that we meet up, and maybe I’ll organize some ice-breaking… and even then, it depends on STB.  If they say, we are only allowed to sit around and wait.. then.. what to do.  I am still trying to get more info on what can and can’t be done.  Will inform you on details.

Till then, I’m going to the RWMF 2009!! hehehe *clicking the button ‘buy tickets’*

And… I got to know that Accor group of hotels are having some sort of sell, so check out  Accor Hotels City Super Sale.  You might be lucky to get that cheap AirAsia ticket, and stay at a 5 star hotel for a very cheap price.  Hurry, limited time only for their sale.

Bloggers coming :
-Myself (Kuching)
-Amiey (Kuching)
-Keeman (Kuching)
-Norman Goh (Kuching)
-Chegu Carol (Kota Kinabalu)
-Mira212 (Samarahan)
-LadyBird (Miri)
-Gwen (Samarahan)
-Fahriee (Kuching)

Anyone else?? If you are coming, I’ll enlist you…


  1. Alaaa…punya murah tu!
    Too bad I cant attend it for 3 days.
    So yeah Cyril, I am letting go the ticket that is reserved for me.
    In fact, I have gotten myself a one day pass already.
    And it’s gonna be Saturday.
    So, Saturday is good for meeting up!

    No prob Chegu. Lets meet up during the gathering la. The tickets are really cheap. It is in fact a very good discount, but well.. most of us do have our own commitments, and we cant go all 3 days. That’s the thing.

  2. hi hi! im IN! heheheh.. so, how do i get the tix from u? 3 days rm180.. ^_^ blink blink.. yahooo! im in, im in, im in.. (doing the cha cha.. ) yahoooo!

    hahha.. emailed you already.

  3. We’re in right,Hun? if so, I vote for Saturday… hope other bloggers can make it to go on Saturday…. Bloggers@ RWMF will be fun!!!! 😀

    And saturday it is!!

  4. i got my tickets already & i’m going on saturday , hope to c u guys there! *cheers*

    Yes Gwen. Good to knw. hope to see u at the bloggers gathering too.

  5. Ee? Chegu is coming over for rainfest? Cool. Can finally get to meet her face to face then :p

    Yes man, she is. COnfirm again!

  6. Hi Cyril!

    Can you add my name as well? I from KL. I am attending RWMF09. Can u reserve the ticket for me as well?

    I emailed your regarding this. Hope to see you at the bloggers@RWMF

  7. i’m in dillemma!!!! i’m going to a course this whole month. should i go? should i not go? argh!!!!!

    You have to decide yourself, but if its me.. go!! go!! hehe

  8. Oh man… I won’t be able to make it this year. Short of funds =(. And I’m leaving to study soon. Have fun y’all!

    Too bad.. but yeah.. next year got!

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