Break Free of Kuching in 2011!

You know, people claim Kuching is boring. Yes, many people say my lovely city is boring, lifeless, dull, quiet, errmm.. dead?

But that’s simply gonna change this December because, boy do I have some news!

First up, the Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion. Held at the Borneo Convention Centre (BCCK), the event will see the likes of Mizz Nina, Jakeman & Skeletor, Nadhira and Evenstarr (just to name a few), and entries are winnable by typing “KCH <space> NAME <space> IC number <space> Why you want to be part of the party“, and sending them to 32111. Alternatively, VIP passes can be won by listening for the cue to call on Hitz Kuching, so tune up guys. It’s 95.3FM in Kuching! On top of that (yes, there’s more!!), Volkswagen is sponsoring the cars for the event, so you might just get to sit and chill in a VW during that event. Lame? Well, I’m not rich, so sitting and chilling in a VW sounds pretty awesome to me =) I was also told they’d be some 2,000 people coming, so yeah, it will be a hell of a party!

Then, on 10th December, the TwtUpKch by Sarawak Bloggers. The event somewhat has evolved from a small size gathering to a bigger than expected event. 200 plus tweeps are expected to come and make new friends in real life at tHe Spring, Kuching.

The idea, brainchild of Zmah, is organized by part-timers at Sarawak Bloggers (meaning they all have their full time jobs, but do it out of their free time). The event is done out of passion with friends helping each other out to make the event a success. I’m part of the main committee, and I can tell you that the experience of making TwtUpKch happen has been phenomenal.

Imagine, we started this as a small 50-odd people Tweet-up, scaling it from TwtUpBorneo to TwtUpKch, and now the RSVP’s show a massive 170+ saying “Yes, I’m coming!“, and the support keeps coming in, be it from individuals or corporate companies.

After TwtUpKch, they’d be another event that same weekend, and it will involve models, girls and lingerie. Tell me how that combination be wrong? It would be yet another weekend filled with something different!

Also starting that same week is the BCCK Christmas event, which will see BCCK turning up their aircond super low in temperature, and high in chill-ness. If you are wondering ‘How low?‘, think -2 degrees?? BCCK will in fact be introducing some new amazing stuff, which are set to make Kuching Ithmus very Christmas like, hence making the lovely Christmas spirit well alive in Kuching.  Will they turn down the aircond to a minus 2 degree? Well, the cancellation you see on my words above shows that it was basically my hope they do so, but I think they would just keep everyone indoors happy with a perfect blend of temperature.  Regardless, the event would be something new and exciting!

Next of course is everyone’s favorite celebration, Christmas and yeah, new year comes fast after that!

It’s going to be an amazing end to 2011 for Kuching peeps, and I have a pretty good feeling it’s not going to end just there. With that in mind, yeah, Kuching is breaking free from that ‘dead, dull, boring, lifeless’ tag in 2011. But whatever it may be, I hope every Kuchinginite hold their heads high because Kuching is indeed an amazing place to be in. Kuching is home.

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