The Birthday Post – 37

I'm turning 37 this year and I have to admit the new year wasn't great. Health remains a main issue or concern for me.  For...

Over 12 hours canceled and delayed AirAsia flight experience

Ever experienced a lengthy or back-to-back delayed AirAsia flight? It happened to me when I was coming home from Bali recently. After a week in...
hit by a lightning strike

It exploded after being hit by a lightning strike

Have you ever experience your appliances being hit by a lightning strike before? To be honest, I have never had such experience, but I believe...
Kindergarten graduation day

That kindergarten graduation day that blew my mind

I've heard plenty about performances during a kindergarten graduation day but this is the first time I'm watching one with my own daughter performing. Colleagues...
head band incident

The head band incident

I'm here to talk about 'the head band incident'.  Last week was one of the many days my wife had to travel. Since her travel...
extraction of a preschooler tooth

The extraction of a preschooler tooth

As you may have read before, my preschooler daughter has been having tooth aches. However, she had tried to hide her discomfort due to her...
Dentist for children in Kuching

The dental problem : Children fearing dentist

This post is about Children fearing dentist, or more specifically, my daughter fearing the dentist. Remember my post about my daughter visiting the dentist...