Sold my Apple MacBook Air M1


After using the Apple MacBook Air M1 for a year, I decided to let it go yesterday for RM3K, which is slightly lower than the price I bought it.

To me, it’s a fair price since I had already had the MacBook Air for almost a year, and RM3K is a good price considering how much I bought it.

I know some may be wondering why I decided to sell it off since I gave it a glowing review, so this article is to explain that.

Why I sold off Apple MacBook Air

To be honest, there’s two reasons why I decided to sell my MacBook Air; one being personal, and another being work related.

The personal reason revolves around the Apple iPad.  Since I started using Apple products, I had realized how easy it’s ecosystem is to use, that I’ve slowly bought one device they have at a time, and this eventually led me to own an Apple iPad Air 4, and Apple Watch 7.

Eventually, I came to realize that the iPad works as well (or similar) as the Macbook Air with a wireless keyboard cover, hence rendering the MacBook Air rather less used when travelling.

The iPad was lighter as well, and more convenient to carry around, hence resulting in the MacBook Air left sitting on my work table collecting dust over time.

The work related reason was the fact that I am in charge of an outdated yet still in use attendance software at work.  This system only runs on Windows which meant I had to turn to my old ASUS Vivobook Windows laptop to do work.

ASUS VivoBook S from front
ASUS VivoBook S from front

This was rather inconvenient especially for someone like me who does not like having two devices which function in a similar manner.  That said, I felt the Macbook Air was redundant, and decided I should just buy a new Windows laptop.

How I sold it

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I posted the sale of my MacBook Air on Facebook’s market place, and got an offer from a Nurse who was willing to buy it for RM3,000.

We met up, and the deal was done.

With the sale of the MacBook Air, I am now looking for a new laptop which will be used for work, and a replacement for my old Asus laptop.

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