Chuwi is finally sending me my Surbook

Delivery truck. //Photo by Pixebay

After months of wait, including my declaration that I am already losing patience with Chinese tech company, Chuwi, finally… there’s some good news.

An email on Friday confirmed that I will be getting my Chuwi Surbook, or at least, Chuwi had shipped my Surbook.

Chuwi email
Chuwi updated the delivery for the Surbook and Malaysia is included.

According to the delivery roster, my Chuwi Surbook will be shipped by UPS, which interestingly has a lot of complaints on the Chuwi Indiegogo Surbook campaign.  I’m not sure why Chuwi decided to go with UPS considering DHL has better presence here in Malaysia in general.

Anyway, when I checked the tracking number provided, it seems that the electronic tracking number has been updated as you can see below, but the parcel has yet to move within the past 24 hours.

Chuwi UPS delivery
The tracking details of the parcel after 24 hours.

Well, I’ve never used UPS before, but I do hope that they would be fast, so I am now keenly waiting.

Since I am not aware there’s a UPS office here in Kuching, my best bet is that UPS will sub-contract the job to some random shipping company locally, which I hope would do an awesome job to keep the tablet intact.

Hope the wait is not for nothing, and I am praying I get the Chuwi Surbook that has no issues.




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