CityOne Mall @City One Mall Kuching

This basically tells me that the instagram account is indeed the official account from CityOne Megamall.

Another mall has been in the making just at the junction of Jalan Song, Kuching.  While I believe Kuching can do with another new mega mall, I am deeply wondering why these big malls seem to be concentrated on the the southern side of Kuching while the northern, which consist of Satok, Petra Jaya, Matang Jaya and Semariang remain ‘mega mall-less’.

It’s really such a bummer considering the potential which can be seen in the Northern Kuching, and judging from the market share, I do believe northern Kuching does have a market.  I know for a fact that most people in Petra Jaya, Matang Jaya and even Semariang bemoan  the fact they have to drive all the way to tHe Spring or to the city center to get their favorite Starbucks coffee, or their Big Mac.

Well, maybe the state government and local councils want to preserve northern Kuching for something bigger in the future, but at the moment… Kuching and probably Sarawak’s biggest mall is City One Mall or CityOne Mall.  Enjoy the photos below from numerous sources in the internet.

I had some internal images of the mall (artist impression), but I some how deleted it when I was editing the photos.

By the way, just in case you didn’t know, here are some facts on the mall:

  • Gross area of 1 million sq ft
  • Net-lettable area of approx. 620,224 sq ft
  • 37,000 sq ft supermarket
  • 103,000 sq ft departmental store
  • 10 screen cineplex operated by a renowned cinema operator
  • Karaoke boxes
  • 2 main segments – due to road diversion
  • Project due in December 2011
  • Spas and saloons



    Why not arrange plants along the City One’s outer balcony, then people also can call your mall as THE GREEN MALL OF CITY ONE 🙂

    Thanks for reading.


    we saw your CityOne latest model design at Tabuan Jaya Giant during their grain openning, so the mall has long barcony around it on each floor? will it be indoor barcony or outdoor ? please make sure not outdoor, please make sure it wouldn’t end up like CITY BRIDGE COMMERCIAL CENTRE at Jalan Utama, Kuching, because it’s another dissapointed design, it will looks like Telekom office not mall, it will looks like school building and doesn’t looks like mall, ok? we are not profesional, we are nothing, but we as your future mall’s visitors really know what we really need, before we dissapointed by you again like your One TJ and One Jaya, we want to point it out on what we afraid will happen to our new dream big mall CityOne
    so happy seeing your interesting confirmed tenants list especially DOME coffee, GSC, Baskin Robins, PapaRoti, & lots more, we are so excited to seeing that great tenants, thank you so much for bringing them to Kuching for us, BIG THANKS for you KENBEST. And also thinking of why not Auntie Anny’s Pretzels too, heheh, it’s really uniquely delicious with affordable prices.

    thanks a lot for reading our comments.

  3. I live in Demak Laut area and a company building the biggest factory wholesale centre in Sarawak near Sejingkat. I think for Northern part market, they should be more middle income friendly. The Summer Mall market niche is different because if you look at their list of tenants, they are indeed middle income friendly.

  4. yup, it’s very very close to my house, only 5mins-walk. I hope there’s TGV and oh, not forgetting the cross-junction traffic light – bottleneck in future. another chaos.

  5. another mall? wow. its all popping up like mushrooms now. and its all in the same area. what will happen to poor swak plaza, tun jugah and riverside? its all turning into kuching plaza now.

    • I think they will do fine. They are capturing an untapped market in Samarahan, which has the population of at least 10k from Unimas, UiTM and the teachers college, and Samarahan is a growing housing area. Play the cards right and they will do fine =)

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