Comparing the new Nissan Navara 2021 with my Navara 2016

Nissan just announced the new Nissan Navara 2021 and I’ve seen a couple of videos and reviews of the truck which is the predecessor to my 2016 Nissan Navara.

If you want to know how my Nissan Navara is doing on a yearly basis, you can check out my yearly review which I update almost every time I service or encounter ‘something’ with it.

The new Nissan Navara 2021 is a face-lift version of the truck I own.

I didn’t bother to write about other models/variants of the Navara prior to this because there wasn’t much change in the exterior for the truck.

This time around, the Navara gets massive exterior changes with the truck getting a new fierce look which I do think is rather rugged.

Here, I am going to compare the Navara V variant to the model I own, with additional remarks on what the VL variant and also the Navara Pro 4X has to offers.

Just note that when I say ‘Old Navara V’, I am referring to my truck variant, which is the Nissan Navara V NP300, which was introduced in 2016.

My Navara back in 2016

What’s the same in the old and new Navara

Both the old and new Navara use the same engine; a 7-speed auto transmission with manual mode. The engine has the same displacement (cc) and fuel supply system.

They also the same front suspension, braking system, width, and road clearance.

The V variant retains fabric covered seats, with leather only available in both the 2021 VL and Pro 4X version.

In terms of safety, there’s not much changes as both come with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Start Assist (HAS), Hill Decent Control (HDC), and Anti Brake Limited Slip (ABLS).

There’s of course other similarities, but they aren’t that important to mention.

Comparing the new and old Nissan Navara

As far as design is concerned, I like the new Navara V look. It’s a definite upgrade from what I own.

Despite the change in look, the 2021 Navara V still doesn’t get the roof rails, although it does benefit from a deeper and longer rear bed.

The new 2021 Nissan Navara V still comes without roof rails

Nissan also mentioned that the new Navara has a 60cm wading ability this time around.

Other than that, the rear suspension has also been improved to a multi-link suspension with dual-rate coil springs.  This makes the ride will get slightly bumpier than the old Navara V which uses multi-Link Shock Absorbers, but it does mean the truck can carry heavier loads without ‘sinking’ like the version I own.

Aside from the new look, the new Navara V also gets bigger wheels, headlamps, and tailgate assist.

The lights have also been upgraded to LEDs with LED running lights, and the additional wheel size means the new Navara is slightly taller and has a bigger turning radius.

Internally, the new truck gets more airbags if compared to the older version, a bigger 7-inch instrument meter, a new leather covered steering wheel and a bench seat with a flip up cushion.

Speaking of safety, the new Navara gets an additional safety feature which is the Trailer Sway Assist (TSA).

In addition to that, an 8-inch touchscreen display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, plus 4 USB ports and two 12V sockets are also included in the new truck.

The bumper has also changed with the 2021 Navara now all getting an integrated bumper step.

All these new additions however do add weight to the truck which is now over 100kg heavier than the old Navara V.

The Nissan Navara Pro 4X gets more ‘make-up’ if compared to the VL and V version, but both the Pro 4X and VL versions benefit from Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility feature which also includes 4 cameras.  Some online reviewers have however complained about the video quality produced by the camera system, but I’m not too concerned about it.

I personally like the fact that the Pro 4X has a utili-track channel system on its rear bed because this will help when storing and carrying stuff. It’s sad that such track is not made standard on pick-up trucks.

Price of the 2021 Nissan Navara

In terms of pricing, there’s a huge jump from how much I paid for my truck back then and now.

I bought my truck for RM115,000 back then, but now the 2021 Navara V cost  RM127,500 in Sarawak.

Considering the main parts of the truck hasn’t changed much, that’s over RM10K extra for ‘looks’, upgrades in its entertainment system, instrument meter and LED lights.

The VL version is priced at RM139,900, and the Pro 4X version sells for RM144,200.


Some will not mind paying extra for the additional cosmetic additions to the Navara but I do feel otherwise.

I feel that the massive difference in pricing doesn’t justify getting the new 2021 Navara.

While 4WD trucks such as the Nissan Navara are slowly becoming a trend, I don’t use my truck just for show off and use mostly as a utility vehicle to carry a lot of ‘dirty stuff’.

On top of that, the new additions actually cost more if there is a need to replace and repair, hence adding more financial burden to an already expensive ownership cost of such vehicles.


However, this is only my personal opinion, and if you are looking for a 4WD truck, or ute, the Navara is definitely a contender.

Compared to other brands, the 2021 Navara is ‘worth the buck’ and is a joy to drive, especially when the turbo kicks in, hence having my recommendation when one is interested to buy such a vehicle.


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