Effects of the MCO

Effects of the MCO

I’m sure by now you are feeling the Effects of the MCO.

It’s day whatever it is of the Sarawak Movement Control Order (MCO) here in Kuching, and there’s talk that soon the MCO wil be relaxed to the CMCO, which means Conditional Movement Control Order.

The reason why I call it the Sarawak Movement Control Order instead of the Malaysia Movement Control Order is due to the difference in how things are done here.

Anyway, ever since the Sarawak Movement Control Order started positive things have happened in Kuching.  These things I’ve noticed, would have taken forever to reach Kuching or Sarawak if it wasn’t for the MCO.


That said, here’s the positive improvements due to the MCO that happened in Sarawak/Kuching.


I think one of the biggest benefits of the MCO is the improvement of the online delivery services like GRAB and FoodPanda.  Within days of the MCO, Grab introduced numerous new services like Grab Mart into Kuching.

FoodPanda also did the same by introducing things like Panda Mart.

Supermarkets and other online delivery services also started either making their own app, or started listing on already known apps to offer such service.  This meant more options to consumers which is great.  If MCO didn’t happen, it would take probably years for these services to go online.

The downside is however the pricing of these items which seem to be slightly more expensive, and the fact that we don’t have option to choose the quality of items ordered. This benefits the seller as they can give any product they want.

On this note, I’ve also noted fresh/raw food delivery services in Kuching, which I have listed in my other blog: KuchingBorneo.info


The MCO has caused a lot of people to stay home, so roads in Kuching have been practically empty during the first two weeks of its implementation.

Traffic is still building up, but it is no where as packed as it used to be.

This means driving around in town is easier and less stressful, and you can easily bump up your speed at roads that used to be packed.


Another positive note from the Movement Control Order is how everyone is trying to stay clean.

I admit that queuing up to enter a supermarket is kind of troublesome, but the fact that it improves hygiene in general as everyone gets their hands sanitized makes it worth it.

While I do hope the queues in Supermarkets would disappear once this pandemic is over, I do hope that Malaysians in general will make washing/sanitizing hands, covering mouths and social distancing when paying a norm.


As you may know, I am a teacher, and the MCO has impacted how I perform my job.  With MCO, I have to prepare lessons at home, and send these lessons to my students via messaging apps.

I’ve created a couple of videos to teach my lessons as well.

You see, MCO doesn’t allow large public gatherings or outdoor activities.  For teachers, this means the focus now just to teaching and preparing lessons which is the core business of teachers.

It’s a great feeling to be able to do just this, as on a normal day, we had to deal with other things like student discipline, clerical work, and event management.


I suddenly noticed I’ve had plenty of time on my hands. Yes, I still prepare my lessons and still do my work at home during working hours.

However, I spend less time moving around, and that means I have more time to spare.

I never realized how much time I’ve spent on the road until MCO, and now that I do, wow! It’s quite a bit.


Another great thing about this MCO is the amount of time I do get to spend with daughter and wife.

There’s so much time spent between us, that we end up quarreling over issues.  Well, the quarreling is usually between my daughter and I because she’s six, and I have this urge not to follow what she says.

My wife has also become more creative in her dinner preparations, so we do get to eat a lot of delicious home cooked meals this MCO.


When there’s positive effects, there’s negative ones as well.

The loss of job and income ranks probably number one.  With most jobs working at a minimum, there’s bound to be some being retrenched as the MCO goes on.

There’s also lack of services available.  I need to claim the warranty for my damaged Samsung Note9, but due to the MCO, I can’t do so because the SenQ outlet is still closed.

And then there’s boredom.  While I can very much entertain myself at home by playing games and watching over 15 Korean Dramas to date, the same can’t be said for my 6-year-old daughter whom had not left the house since March 18.

I am also getting more unhealthy as I seem to be slaking a lot in terms of exercising.  Not that I’ve been exercising religiously before this, but now, I am doing far less exercise.

There’s also this growing concern of mine about what will happen to my subject and students taking my class.  I mean, online classes are great, but not everyone has internet connectivity.  This means, when classes resume, I will need to repeat what I’ve already covered during MCO.


I am pretty sure there are other negative and positive effects of the MCO.  However, these are the ones related and concerning me.

If you have yours, do share.

Stay safe and stay well everyone.



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