Free Laptop 1Malaysia


Recently, the government announced that it would be giving out thousands of 1Malaysia Laptops or Netbooks to be precise. The laptops which are aimed to promote the use of ICT among students and help improve broadband penetration in the country, comes with basic specifications which allows them to run basic application including Counter Strike and DOTA.

While the intentions of giving these new laptops to the needy students are lauded, I can’t help wonder if the students will actually use the laptop for what it’s meant for. Teachers on the other hand, do not get free laptops. Selected teachers get borrowed laptops which are to be returned to the school once instructed. Those not selected have to use their personal laptop during class or for lessons.

Tell me again, why students are getting a free laptop for errrrr… Facebooking??


  1. Salam Alaequm,i am Nigerian.I need free laptop from you,even if it is used one,i will happily accept it.GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. hhhmmm wonder how’s the selection are being done among the student? based on the feedback i saw from you guys (from the education field) some of ’em are problematic student. how lah like that?

    the way i see it, the freebie thingy is just to fill in somebody else pocket. same thing with EPF case where public can withdraw their A/C 2 for computer purchase then it was abolished due to mis-abuse issue either by the a/c holder or the vendor.

    whatever it is i think the system is good but poor execution. a thorough study and plan should be conducted prior to any freebie launching. this freebie thingy only benefit the urban students. what happen to the rural students?

    • Rural students also get laptop, but whats the use of a netbook without proper internet connection, right? and even if there was proper internet, what guarantee they will use it properly?

      Anyway, the move is good, and as you said, execution is poor =(

  3. just like what happened in my school. All those end class students who failed in every subjects get the netbook. You think they can get good grades after having the netbook? H*ll NO! Like what you said, they only use if for FB, CS and Dota. =_=” a total waste of $$

  4. Hi there, i’m a part time student n i do need to have a laptop doesn’t matter it’s a netbook or notebook in order to jelp on my studying…anyone can guide on how to get this free laptop 1Malaysia

  5. I’m fine with the free netbooks. But I’m not ok when they were given to our lazy and problematic students. I seriously think that teachers should be given the netbooks too because teachers need to upgrade their ICT skills too. Macam saya la…tak pandai berinternet. Kui kui kui!

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