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Google Reader

I bet most of you are not familiar with Google Reader, or maybe some know about it, but know nothing about its function and why you should use it.  Well, being someone whom loves to try new stuff, I gave Google Reader a try, and I found it hugely useful especially in keeping me up-to date on blogs.

It is not un-common actually to see that we have little time to keep track on blogs we read, as writers of blogs normally take their sweet time to update their blogs, and do not bother to update you when they actually do update their blogs.  This is a problem because there are times (especially when you are very very busy), you will find yourself being left out of previous post, or at some time, finding yourself going to that particular site/blog over and over again, only to be frustrated that there has been no update.

A view of Google Reader

This is way Google Reader kicks in.  All you need is to do is sign up with Google, and then choose to use ‘Google Reader’.  To subscribe to a blog is easy.  Just look out for links at the blog which says RSS/Feed/Subscribe or something similar.  Normally, these links will be presented in orange logo, like the image below:

Feed Logo

Click on this logo, and you will be redirected to a page where you can choose to subscribe to the blog using Google Reader.  Of course, your next course of action would be to subscribe to the feeds using Google Reader.

After that, you just need to sit back and relax, because Google Reader will update you on any new post updated from the blogs you have subscribe.

Feedburner Homepage

And for blog owners, don’t forget to register for Feedburner, because it is needed if you want your users to get updated via feeds or Google Reader in this case. Just to note, Feedburner and Google Reader are both owned or somewhet linked under the Google trademark, so integration is very simple.  You just need to read a bit.


  1. Google Reader! Been using it since Anna introduced it to me last time. Pretty useful, but you said, bloghopping is more fun. 🙂

    Yeah.. yeah… I think, if you have so much free time, you dont need the reader, but if you are pretty occupied, then you need it.

  2. Welcome to the club, Cyril! =D I’ve been pitching GReader to my friends for the longest time – most of them find it hard to see its usefulness unfortunately. Maybe they don’t follow as many blogs as I do (about 95+, I need a prune!) to justify its usage.

    But when you really embrace it, its much convenient than you think! I could spend all day within GReader and only click out to comment (like now). =D

    Hahahha… good example =D Anyway, glad to hear from you bro.. its been a while since You’ve updated your blog. I’m still waiting for your blog to highlighted in black in my Reader.

  3. I still prefer to bloghop instead of using google reader 😀

    But maybe one day i’ll just use google reader to read instead of bloghop 😀

    Honestly, bloghopping is more fun.. but using a reader is really helpful.

  4. owh yes, Google Reader helps me a lot to track other blogger’s updates.
    it’s a must thing to check after email and my blog.

    That’s something we have in common then, co I will check my reader after checking my blog and email too!

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