GoPro Hero7 vs Osmo Action

GoPro Hero7 vs DJI Osmo Action : Which is the better action camera?

Here I intend to compare two action cameras, the GoPro Hero7 vs DJI Osmo Action.

Before you read on, let me clarify that I’m doing this comparison based on my online research after I decided to buy a new action camera.

I’ve been using my Note9 for vlogging and video shooting lately for you YouTube channel. The Note9 does its task without much problems, but it gets rather annoying when you need to use the phone and also shoot a video. This is where the action camera comes in.

Previously, I bought the Yi Lite 4K+, but I’ve only used it once, and had to retire it due to the lens cracking after a fall.


If you do follow this personal blog of mine, you’d know that the GoPro Hero made it into my wish list in 2018.

The latest GoPro today is the GoPro Hero7.  It was supposed to be the action camera I buy.

However, drone expert DJI had decided to enter GoPro’s action camera market and introduced the DJI Osmo Action.  Many reviews had said that it is the ‘GoPro killer’.

The term ‘GoPro killer’ is coined by users that felt the Osmo Action is better than the Hero7 hence why I am doing this GoPro Hero7 vs DJI Osmo Action comparison.


Based on my initial findings, both cameras are water resistant and cost almost the same.  In fact, GoPro decided to reduce their Hero7 price after the Osmo Action was launched.

You can find a GoPro Hero7 Black (the highest version) for only RM1,500 on Shopee these days, almost equal to a DJI Osmo Action.

The similarities do not stop there.  Both action cameras look largely similar and are similar in size.

GoPro Hero7 vs Osmo Action

Aside from that, their battery capacity is also similar and they both boast their very own image stability which is important for action shots.

That said, both cameras share similar function, but the questions many are asking is “who outdoes who”, and where?


To answer that question, I had to look at the differences of both cameras.

The most obvious difference between the two is the front facing LCD screen of the Osmo Action. For me, this was a deal breaker because it allows me to know where my camera is pointing.

The Hero7 had a screen, but it only displays key data of the camera.

Aside from that, the Hero7 also has deeper water resistance, allowing you to go up to 11m deep in water. This is against the Hero7 which only allows 10m.

I also realized that despite the reduction in price, the Osmo Action is still cheaper than the GoPro Hero7 Black.

Other differences I managed to collect from other sites are as follows:

  • The Osmo Action has better power management and the battery last slightly longer
  • It is easier to change the glass lens of the Osmo Action if compared to the GoPro Hero7
  • The angle of view for the GoPro Hero7 is bigger than the Osmo Action
  • The Osmo Action has better stabilization than the GoPro Hero7
  • Pictures look better in the GoPro Hero7


Since action cameras rely on apps to work, considering the app each camera would use is important.

I had used GoPro’s Quik app before and I love it.  The problem however is that after a while, some of the audio sounds provided are no more free to use giving monetizing benefits to third parties.

I’ve not tried the Osmo Action app, but rating on the PlayStore aren’t favourable for any DJI app. Most rate below 4.0 which is pretty bad to be honest.


After careful consideration, I went for the DJI Osmo Action because it had the front facing LCD screen.

Like I said, the screen was a deal breaker and I felt that it was important considering what I intend to do with the action camera.

The Osmo Action also had better specifications and most of the reviews I saw and read couldn’t convince me otherwise.

In fact, some of the ‘so called’ flaws of the Osmo Action were already fixed through an update.  These include the problems when the video and audio became out of sync, the camera restarting and the camera unable to connect to one of its apps.

The fixes came pretty fast which is a very good sign if you ask me, and hence my decision to buy the Osmo Action over the more branded and established Go Pro7 Black.


If you are worried about warranties, the DJI Osmo Action is sold with full manufacturer warranty at the official site DJI.COM here for USD349 (RM1449) with free shipping.

However, being Malaysian, I’m very sure many would like freebies accompanying the purchase and hence why Shopee is a good option to consider. I noticed the DJI Osmo Action cameras are roughly about RM1499 on Shopee with some extra freebies.

I bought my off Shopee because I didn’t realize that the original store was selling it at a lower price. Pfft.

So what’s next?

Well, I’ll test the camera once I get it, so expect an in-depth review here, in my Youtube channel and also on BorneoBloggers.



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