Hurting Myself

I tend to wonder a lot nowadays. I guess, I could blame it on myself, but who likes to blame themselves?  To be frank, I wonder why some of us humans are so weird.  I get that we can’t all be the same, as that would rule out the interesting variation we have in our society, but I just can’t really figure why some of us like hurting ourselves, knowing that what we are going to do would hurt ourselves.

Is pain such a beautiful thing, that one has to ignore the fact that you’d feel it again, and it would hurt again??  I just feel a little shitty knowing that someone is in pain, but the pain is self-brought.*SIGH*. It makes me wonder why should one actually do such things, to feel the pain, despite knowing it would hurt?  If you have a huge unknown headache like I am experiencing right now, that would be different.

Maybe you can say that some are just too sensitive, and etc.  I don’t know.  But truth to be told, I have always avoided things that I know would bring me pain, either in the heart, or physically.  If I know something would hurt me, I’d oblige to avoid it.  If I am certain that it would hurt someone I love, I’ll protect them from it, but I guess that does not count as I want to protect someone.  You can call me a coward, or maybe a wimp.  I don’t care.  I don’t see the point of ‘running into a fire, knowing I’d get burned‘… Get it???

Nonetheless, I have to admit that there is one time which I’d purposely endure pain, as it is pleasure in disguise.  The time is known as ‘massage time‘, where some messieurs/granny/grandpa is allowed to massage that soar/hurt/injured body part I’ve sprained while playing sports.  The pain would hurt so much, but I’d enjoy the ordeal without complaint.

Thinking back… maybe that’s why people love hurting themselves, and running into things they know would hurt themselves.  Its because they purposely do so, and actualy enjoy the whole hurtful process… which sounds really weird actually… but I guess, what hurts more is being lied to again.

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