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A few months ago, there were plans to make something happen. After long talks and discussions with close friends in Sarawak Bloggers, the plans faltered as it was decided not to be part of this plan due to some confidential reasons. At that point, the domain and hosting for this new ‘plan’ had been purchased under my name, using my hard earned cash. It was ‘IAMAWESOME.MY’.

Since the original plan wasn’t ours (Sarawak Bloggers), I decided to offer the domain and hosting to the company which suggested the ‘plan’. Manatau they wanted to proceed with the ‘plan’ as I know they were already doing some talking here and there. I didn’t need the domain anyway.

But they also decided not too persue the plans. Oh well, I’m now stuck with a ‘self proclaimed awesome domain’…

I proceeded to re-direct the domain to Sarawak Bloggers, and kept it dormant for a good month or two, but now, I have re-opened it to make it a Science Source website. I feel that a site on Malaysian Secondary School Science Education would benefit a lot of people, and hence the reason why I decided to have the site.

At the moment, I am still gathering information and filling the site and like every site, it needs traffic. Therefore, if you are free, do drop by my new site. Tolong increase my new website Google rankings ba =P


  1. Didn’t know that you’re teaching science subject in school. That’s cool! Trust me, this would be the most awesome blog in Malaysia if you could find out the way to combine fun with science. Top destination for secondary students.

    Will share it in my facebook profile and page tomorrow (12.42am is not the right time to share education related links). Hope you’ll get a surge of traffic tomorrow.

    Keep up the awesome work and all the best! =D

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