I’m A Racist


Catchy title eyh?

But do not expect any racist jokes here because I know how some people tend to be very upset over it, which sometime I do find funny.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. I enjoy a good laugh, and some of the best jokes around there are racist jokes. Maybe you’d agree or disagree with me, but that’s how I feel.

My humble opinion is that if you can’t take racist jokes, you tend to be a racist, but then again, when you are making a racist joke, do not over do it. As most people would say ‘do not over do it’. I’ve heard of some very very funny racist jokes, to the extend that one of my dear friend said to me “Bro, I ‘m not involved in whatever you guys are talking about.. because you are all going to hell (while he also burst out of laughter.. and we laughed out even harder).

Yea, the beauty of Sarawakians lies in the fact that we can respect each other, and yet still can poke fun in each other person’s race/religion without overdoing it, and making each other mad (speaking of myself). We all know that its just in the good nature of a good laugh, rather than to insult or be little each other. I simply can’t stop laughing when someone told me the reason why people do not go to Jesus Christ to ask for the next number which is coming out in 4D. It was just simply hilarious, but then… I can’t share it here. If you ask me, I bet even the priest or the Archbishop will have a good laugh, but then, they will have to say I’ll go to hell for saying that.

On that note, do joke around with friends, but always remember not to over-do it. Too much of something is never good.

Now think I am racist?

What about the goons that shout : ‘Jangan mencabar kami.’, ‘Agama kami lebih baik dan adalah yang terbaik berbanding yang lain!!’ , “Hanya agama kami sahaja betul.” or “Awak semua akan masuk neraka sebab agama lain!!!” on national TV?

I hate people whom think they are so great, boast about their greatness, and above all say that they own everything, everyone, and every right… Only shows how ignorant you are.

“If you are that great, you do not have to fear competition.”

Oh, today, the World Cup starts, and the best spectacle isn’t the football skills on display, but the fact that once every 4 years, the world unites under football regardless of race and religion. That’s the power of the world cup.


  1. I remembered back in my secondary school, I was brought up in Miri back then, our jokes then were very racist indeed but you know what none of my friends freaked out and everyone took it lightly and amusingly…At times we would called each other by our race, you get to hear something like this back then, Oii!..anak iban, n blaa….blaa…or oii! anak Cina and an Indian friend, oii tambi!. and that continues till now especially with the fb thingy, we still poke at each other openly, and so far none of us take that as being racist or what…compared to the other side of the sea….mmm

  2. Ivynana:
    Glad you think so…

    Hahaha.. I agree with you, and yes bro, I did hear some ppl say that.

    I believe hosting an event does unite people, and the 1998 Commonwealth Games proved that for Malaysia.

  3. South Africa was once a bloody ground due to the fact of a high degree of racism. Thanks to Nelson Mandela, through his hardwork and diligent, he believes that one day South Africa will be a united nation, and it was through sport (rugby). No doubt that World Cup is also one of the main factor that connects every nation to be 1.

    Do you think hosting a grand sporting event like World Cup will unite the Malaysian? What do you think about the 1998 Commonwealth Games?

  4. Whoa! ! For real? Did they ever say that? I mean those “… Agama kami lebih baik dan… ” thing. I’m not try 2 b a racist but anyone would take that as selfish n showing off which I think contrary to what religion teach us and I think no religion will ever teach that as well. All I know religion teach us about respecting each other, BERSEDERHANA, love each other and never i’ve heard any religion teach us to eliminate others with other religion to show which religion is the best. So if there’s any I’d love 2 know :p but as far as I know if there’s religion teach us to have war or fight with other that what they called “ajaran sesat” or militia or TERORRIST or even zionist right?

  5. hey ya cyril..
    i dunno dat one! u got to tell me! so y don we go to JC for the result in 4d!! i wanna knw. hahah..and yeah!! Go go world cup! 🙂 we cant deny racism is everywhere, we just need to do what is best.. be our own self.. 🙂 good day to u cyril! oh yeah, bout ur recent trip, i must say u nailed 4 states, awesome! 🙂

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