It officially all begins on 1st September 2013


So I’ve been reaally busy. No kidding. Finding time to just relax and chill seems so exclusive right now, but I try to keep this new blog updated as I go on with the punishing schedule I have.

If you have heard, last 1st September was the day I was officially engaged. Oh yeah, Cyril Dason is now taken off the market, and thanks to work, it only got to this blog today, the 10th of September 2013. Facebook, twitter and Instagram got the faster updates. (Feel free to follow these accounts of mine)

So what happened prior to September the 1st?

Well, there was a lot of worrying on my side. I’m not sure about my ‘otter half’, but I was, deep down, worried.

Think about it. Two very distant (although later we found out we were very distant relatives) families, not even knowing each other, and meeting each other for the first time. Anything can happen, and this includes those ‘untold embarrassing stories’ I’ve long kept in my closet, because well… they are embarrassing.

But thankfully, everything went well over a good pot of ‘chicken cooked in tempoyak soup’, and many more traditional kampung food, which myself, and my family loved so much.

With the official engagement done, more things are now in motion with the big day (which everyone has been asking about) coming on to the drawing board.

We have basically finalized the date, but let’s just not make it official until every arrangements has been settled just yet.

This week, we will be looking into bridals, and a possible venue for it all to happen. Due to budget reasons, we have decided against making the whole affair too grand or at one of the massive hotels in town, which based on our innitial surveys could cost a staggering RM18K and beyond!

Well, I still have more to think about, but until then… have an awesome Malaysia day!


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