To have real impact, Sarawak needs to re-introduce English medium schools

Twitter is fun when you have many followers, and when you follow a lot of people.  If you don’t get what twitter is all about, then take it this way: “Its like text-ing your friends, only you are text-ing in mass“.  Basicly one tweet = ‘n’ number of SMSes and you get to discuss a hell lot of things, make appointments and make new friends. Trending on the other hand is a vital part of Twitter where you get to discuss on a particular topic, or just follow iy based on the # tag.

If you follow me on my Twitter, you’d notice that the trend #MemoriSekolah is something I follow a lot, and I do myself.  If you don’t speak Malay, then Memori Sekolah translates to “School Time Memories”, and at this time, I can see that there are hundreds of people putting in their school memories with some ringing a great resemblance of my very own past experience.  In fact, one tweet said “Reading #memorisekolah shows that we are all the same regardless of religion, race on background“, and I just can’t help but agree with him.

Well, I guess, with hundreds of tweets on #memorisekolah out there, the following I feel are the ones many of us can relate with:

#memorisekolah mintak biodata tanya hobi, makanan kegemaran, pengalaman pahit manis. Haha!
#memorisekolahmain nama bapak. Super bonus points kalau dapat nama datuk sekali. Silap mood, gaduh.
#memorisekolah TAMIYA! lumba dalam longkang je. Neo burning sun – FWD tuh!
#memorisekolah before exams, plan how to copy each other.. Especially the ones on ur side, front and back! haha! classic!
#memorisekolah ‘hacking’ public phone to make calls back home or to call day scholar girls 😀
#memorisekolah Jaga pintu belakang kelas
#memorisekolah Bila lori milo sampai, baris panjang-panjang
#memorisekolah Main ‘zero-point’
#memorisekolah Bagi nickname kat guru disiplin

#memorisekolah Main “aku-nikahkan dikau dengan ….. Sah? Sah?” Kawan pun jawab “sah” Suk bila org yang ‘dinikahi’ cun cun diminati..
#memorisekolah Sembunyi kad hijau bila doktor gigi sampai.
#memorisekolah Ubah markah rendah jadi tinggi

The irony for me is that I am now a teacher, and I tend to look back at how much I enjoyed my primary/secondary school days.

Enough said, care to share you’re #memorisekolah?


  1. Hahaha…Cyril, we all attended school and now we are back to school. Funny isn’t it. Maybe it is our Karma.

    Hahaha.. yeah.. probably bro. Probably.

  2. waaa…miss cheam still setia with 5s2. even pernah voted as the most cikgu cantik dulu2…..

    Pn Cheam rocks!! She is one of the best teachers ever!


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