My Favourite Online Stores to Shop From This Year

My Favourite Online Stores to Shop from This Year
I know 2019 has not passed long yet, but I have been doing quite a bit of online shopping, and I can give you five of my favorite online stores to date.

Before I name the online stores I’d rate as my favorite, let me first clarify that this is a matter of choice because of my personal experience with these stores.

You may disagree or have your personal favorite which is different from mine. That’s your choice, and I won’t hold it against you. I hope you don’t hold my choice against you too.

So, without beating behind the bush, here’s five of my favorite online stores of this year, and some explanation why it has become so.

LAZADA – Favourite for all stuff

I’ve always preferred Lazada over their rivals. If you follow my blog, you’d know I usually shop in Lazada most of the times.

I do so because I’ve had good experience with Lazada’s customer service when it comes to dealing with refunds and returns. These incidents, while limited and almost seldom, give me a good indication that I am protected as a customer of Lazada when I shop online.

Lazada has a huge variety of merchandise for selection and their recent tie-up with Alibaba has allowed even more products to be bought directly from China.

This meant that I am spoil of choices when I shop in Lazada and this is a key point in why I think Lazada is my favourite online store this year.

Aside from that, I do use additional Lazada vouchers to decrease the price of items in Lazada, enabling me to save even more.


ZALORA – Favourite for clothing

Favorite online stores

Zalora not only has one of the widest selections of clothing, it also offers the cheapest which I’ve found so far.

Prices have remained competitive as the years pass, and the speed of shipment has improved. If compared to their competitions, I think Zalora is a step ahead when it comes to online shopping because they had work a lot in improving their presence online.
On top of that, Zalora’s mobile application is one of the best to use to date.

Shopping for clothing has evolved these days from being just something I do when I need new clothing into something I do during my past time.

I know it’s dangerous and it does increase my expenses, but that’s how Zalora’s app works perfectly.

Their app is so easy and speedy to use that selecting items is easy and hitting that ‘buy’ button is even easier.

Sometimes I do fish out for a Zalora promo code or two, hence making me save even more, and my shopping even more rampant than usual.


EXPEDIA – Favourite for travel

When it comes to travelling, Expedia hits my list as being one of the best out there.  Like Lazada, their customer service is proven and I’ve only good experiences with them.

I don’t recall writing about Expedia, but I’ve arranged connecting flights with Expedia a couple of times and when something happened to the arrangements, Expedia was quick to respond to my questions and request.

On top of that, I do get cash back rewards and discounts on future flights and hotel stays. This allows me to save even more!


ORIBAGS – Favourite for bags

I know I said Lazada has everything, but when it comes to bags, OriBags is where I’d shop.

They have a massive selection of bags and anyone going to their store would be spoilt for choices.

What’s even better is that the bags sold are well described and there’s adequate photos to show how each bag can be used. This is a huge plus point for me.


THEKEDEY – Favourite for custom tees

I go to TheKedey if I want something different.  TheKedey is not  a major player as an online business, but this local Sarawakian shop is gaining popularity due to its quality products and services.

TheKedey offers a variety of local Sarawak designs and statement tees that are unique hence appealing to me.

I love the t-shirt material they used and the fact I can also custom my own tees makes them one of my favourite online stores to date.



As I mentioned above, these are my five favourite online stores.

I am sure you have yours, so if you don’t mind sharing, let me know your favourite online store in the comments!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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