My House: Suggestions, and kitchen plans


Having a new house is indeed exciting, and I have this one feeling that that particular joy also rubs on to those nearby. For the past few months, I have been constantly listening to suggestions made by numerous people, be it from friends, family members, neighbors and of course random strangers whom happen to pass by the house.

Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate these advices, and do often take a mental note of what was suggested. However, it does get rather annoying when what I have already done, gets negatively remarked, with words such as ‘You shouldn’t have done that, but should have done this‘.

It makes me wonder who really owns, or pays for the house.

Yes, I know most of these people are concerned about the decisions I make in managing the house, particularly when it comes to changing this and that, but didn’t it figure that I am the type of person who actually thinks way ahead before making decisions?

Take for example the kitchen plans below. It’s the fifth I’ve drawn up so far, and while it does look confirmed, there’s of course room for changes before the construction actually starts. This period (before construction starts), I call – ‘Suggestion period’. I’d listen to anyone’s opinion, take a mental note, and consider what was suggested. I think those with experience would have their fair share of knowledge, and as a newbie, I’d best at least, think about them.

The 5th kitchen plans. Any comments?
The 5th kitchen plans. Any comments?

However, when the ‘Suggestion period’ is over, and construction starts with plans already finalized, last minute suggestions are hugely unwelcomed because it’s just annoying and troublesome. In case you didn’t know, on top of consulting friends, family members and also random contractors on what could be done, I also Goggled up everything just to know more. I also consult on people I deem as ‘local experts’ before finalizing any details, just so that I know what I’m doing is right – like the kitchen, I asked mum and Dinah for advices since they are the ones knowledgeable enough when it comes to kitchen and how it should be designed. Of course, all their suggestions need to be adapted within my budget.

So people, if you have any suggestions, please do it before something is finalized. I’m all ears. However, once it’s confirmed, please hold your peace, so that I can also have mine.

This is what my fortune cookie says. Truth?
This is what my fortune cookie says. Truth?

Trust me, if there’s something which could be wrong with the finalized plans, I’d know about it later, and I’d be happy to take the blame and repair it because at least I do not have to live with the self-guilt of not listening to ‘your very last minute’ suggestions.

P/s: Suggestions on the current kitchen plan (extention works) are now open until end of February =P


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