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HTC HD7 is a great phone, and the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is ultimately fantastic for a new OS, but one thing which sucks is the battery life.  Sure, the HD7 is said to last 3 days on standby, but use it like a socialite, you’d be screaming for more juice after barely 6 hours (with 3G & autosync switched off) .

Yeah, you may argue that smart phones drink juice like crazy, no matter what brand or OS it is, but the HD7, due to its massive 4.3′ screen and it’s ‘auto sync’ simplicity needs extra.  The small 1230mA battery supplied by HTC didn’t offer any consolation either. It was just in-effective to curb the power drain and a smart phone without power is as useless as a brick!

So, I scouted around for a replacement which needed to have certain criterion which include ease of typing, good integration between twitter and FB, and most importantly the battery life of over 12 hours under frequent usage.  The phone must be from HTC as I’ve invested in a portable charger for HTC.

My search over the internet revealed that the HTC Legend was the winner as it’s battery can last over 12 hours.  Sadly though, checks with friends and HTC users revealed that the phone is slow, and most probably out of date.  This took me to the 2nd option available, the Desire.

The phone looks complete, and reviews on the phone have been very favorable, including from Dex, a previous owner.  In fact, it was named the best mobile phone in 2010 by, coming ahead of the iPhone 4!  The only problem I had with the phone was the 4 buttons on the lower side of the phone which I believe could prove disastrous when I handle the phone with my wet hands.

Anyway, after some extensive consideration…. be amazed with (*drum rolls*)

My new HTC Desire running on Android 2.2 (Froyo).

The phone has a battery which can last me 14 hours with my normal use (3G and auto push is off)–This time is tested by myself and I got similar battery life for about 3 times till now.  The phone has practically everything I need, including a super loading GPS.

Indeed… it’s a Desire….

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