News On Sarawak CM Not True


Mom used to tell me that I should get my facts right before making any decisions, and I have since followed her advice till today.  When I see or listen to something or some news, I’d check myself and verify the whole story before taking any decisions.. and it was the same when I read about Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud’s protest in the UK in the Sarawak Report. If you haven’t read about it check this link for the news, and this link for photos.

It’s an interesting topic, really.  Since teachers are allowed to do politics, maybe I should join in and run for MP. Election’s next year bah… 😛

Anyway, if you have read the whole report, you’d notice how elaborate the news/reports are.  It’s very believable, and most probably make you a beleibier eyyhhhh.. I mean a believer… hehehe… Okay, seriously, the report seems very legitimate, and I was also keen that Taib practically hated also in the UK, and these people were genuinely concern about Sarawakian’s welfare.

Well, that all changed when I saw this video…

Seriously… why are you protesting on something you don’t even know about? Isn’t it weird not mentioning fishy?  Also… are blogs/website a reliable source? You tell me…

Talking/Writing lies are easy. I made a blog which talks on nothing but lies here. I can practically update it every 15 minutes if I wanted to… Writing lies is EASY!! Try it!

So you think this post is about helping the CM?

Well, no… It’s my take that we all need to heed my mom’s advice to check our facts before we actually decide to believe.

Don’t be caught saying “It’s some where in Asia” when asked about where Sarawak is located 😛


  1. Agreed bro!! Totally Agree. After watching the video I also end up writing a post about it. That video really make those so called protestors look like a total fools also. Maybe like Eve said, it’s another way to be famous and they want to be famous hehehe. But what we didn’t know is what actually behind the protest, whether they’re paid to do so or some people want to create another drama. Well, only God knows better.

  2. Beng:
    Yes.. agreed.

    Yah.. that’s true.

    Wall? heheh…

    That’s one vote for me 😛

    Yeah man.. well, this issue only serves as a reminder that we should be more careful in becoming a believer.

  3. The CM is not totally sinless in this issue but that’s beside the point here. The funny thing is how they use people who have no clue to protest. Wouldn’t that discredit their effort? Maybe they got paid? 😛 Like some protesters in Russia (different story) who got actors to hold the sepanduk. I thought that was funny.

    On the other hand, it’s the same way how we feel enrage about the ‘sweatshop’ in lesser Asian countries without us ever having been there, how we gripe about the politics of America when we have never experienced living there etc. I think it’ll be more interesting if we find out how those protesters got roped into protesting.

  4. Rose:
    Yes indeed..

    You have a very good point. I am actually amused that some Malaysians bother more about what goes on outside of Malaysia, while failing to respond to what happens in Malaysia.


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