Nissan Navara NP300 vs Toyota Hilux Revo 2016


When choosing a pick-up, it is almost immediate that two models would take the limelight, and hence why I decided to talk about the Nissan Navara vs Toyota Hilux.

This is the two main pick trucks which I think is head  to head in Malaysia. When I went to the Toyota showroom to get acquainted with the new Hilux 2016 (also known as the Hilux Revo), the sales representative went on by saying how Hilux has the biggest market share in the pick-up segment. While he was friendly, I felt there was no need to overly emphasis on that detail since I was not interested in who had sold more cars but rather what the Hilux 2016 had to offer.

The Nissan sales representative on the other hand wasn’t equally impressive, and he only stressed that the Navara NP300 is better than the Hilux 2016 because it was cheaper and used the multi-link suspension. To be honest,  there was lack of enthusiasm to sell from him despite the fact that he did give me more details and options on the Navara NP300 than the Toyota representative did.

At then end of the day, I still had to compare both pick ups myself and hence why you are reading this blog post.

I guess, since I’ve already learned about both pick-upa, why not share the information so that others will not have much trouble deciding which is the better.


NISSAN NAVARA VS TOYOTA HILUX interior arrangement

Both the Hilux 2016 and the Navarra NP300 presents a very spacious and neat layout and it was clear that both Nissan and Toyota are keen to ensure the plastic they are using would look luxurious. Both pick-ups have an elaborated multimedia system, with the Hilux showing strength at their simple yet informative instrument meter, and the Navara NP300 getting even with their 5-inch multimedia system.  However, the Hilux has a special cooling compartment to keep drinks chilled, and hence why I think the Hilux is the winner in terms of the interiors. Yes, this is despite the fact that the Navara does have more USB ports and cup holders than the Hilux.  I also thought that the Hilux has better utilization of space, and more storage compartments, a huge plus for hoarders.


The exterior is hard to put together as it really depends on who’s looking.  Some may like the sweet curves of the Navara NP300, while others will prefer the strong looking Hilux 2016.  That said, the exterior would ultimately go down to how many colours is offered by both Nissan and Toyota.  Here, Nissan is offering the Navara in four colours, while the Hilux 2016 gets an option of seven. A clear winner for Toyota specifically because they have more colour options, but also because I particularly like the fact that their side step does come in black (a breakaway from the traditional silver/chrome).  The Navara does look great with it’s 18-inch rim and roof rail, but these features do not come on all variants unfortunately.


When it comes to driving on good city roads, the Hilux gives you great power, while the Navara provides you a less bumpy SUV like ride.  With power not being something essential in town, the bumpy-ness off the ride decides who wins this section, and it was clearly owned by Navara.  The multilink suspension used Navara not only adds comfort to the drive, but also gives the driver better handling of the car as it shakes less. As a bonus, the passenger also feels comfortable at the rear of the truck, which is something opposed to what the Hilux could offer on their leaf spring suspension.


The Hilux has been generous to offer a huge 6.1-inch multimedia touch screen for their users, and it drawfs the 5-inch screen offered by the Navara, which is optional.  The Hilux however does have a Digital Recorder which is a trend nowadays.  Both pick-ups have 6 speakers on board with their best multimedia system coming with Bluetooth, USB ports, a DVD player and an AUX jack.  They also both have a reverse/rear camera and come with day lights.  The additional Digital Recorder gives the Hilux an edge, but bear in mind that it is not available on all variants of the Hilux 2016. With zero gravity seats included, and the use of the multilink suspension, it is hard to beat Navara in terms of comfort.  Full points for Navara, and less for the Hilux despite their improvements in comfort. That said, this section would be ultimately owned by the Navara because of the comfort provided by the multilink suspension.


When it comes to power, there is no separating the Hilux and the Navara NP300 as both the Toyota Hilux Revo Double CAB 2.8G (AT) 4×4 and Nissan Navara VL (AT) comes with a maximum torque of 450 Nm/rpm.  However, power wise gives the best variant of the Navara a win as it produces 190PS in comparison to the 177PS produced by the Hilux Revo.  On lower variants, the Navara continued to outclass the new Hilux by providing better tork and power readings, giving the Navara a complete win when it comes to power. Nonetheless, it is worth to note that the Navara does rave a lot when being driven, giving you that feel that it is under powered. I do not want to decide which pick-up has better fuel consumption as fuel consumption is based on driving habits and style, but word out there says the Hilux does consume less fuel.


While Toyota is claiming the new Hilux has a lot of new safety measures, they do seem to be rather ‘old news’ to Nissan. It may look like the Hilux has more safety features because Toyota bothered to single each and everyone out in their brochure, while Nissan decided to combine some features under three or four columns only. In fact after explanations by sales representatives, one would be able to realize that Nissan and Toyota have decided to name each safety feature as they like, making many less aware customer think it is a feature the other car manufacturers do not have. Nonetheless, the Hilux does come with three airbags (one more than the Navara), and the ‘Follow me home’ function, which I think is worth to give the Hilux a win for safety.



When the highest variant of both models are compared, it is obvious the Navara is a clear winner as it does cost cheaper.  However, some of you may claim that such comparison is unfair considering that the Hilux 2016 offers more additions.  That said, there is no real winner here as you really pay for what you get.


It is difficult to separate both the Navara NP300 and Hilux 2016 because both are really great pick-ups.  The Navara excels in providing more comfort and cost less, while the Hilux gives you more power and is up-to-date to today’s trend.  The Hilux 2016 was also launched later than the Navara, allowing them time to study and improve their model to the expense of the Navara.  Nonetheless, if you will be driving in the city more often than carrying heavy loads or going outdoors, the Navara NP300 is a clear choice, but if you are going onto rough terrains or will be carrying loads often, the Hilux is the best choice.

I did buy the Nissan Navara, and here’s my review of the Nissan Navara after a year.


  1. Hi Cyril, honestly i’m enjoyed reading all your reviews and article here. Do you mind to tell us which one you purchased? Navara or Hilux?


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