Navara NP300 Review: After one year

Navara NP300 rear
The rear and name of the truck, Navara NP300

Today, the 26 of September, is the first anniversary of my Nissan Navara NP300, so I figured, perhaps I should write about this new car/truck I own.

Anyway, I believe that buying a car does come with luck, and when I bought mine was no different.

Previously, I did write about the difference between the Toyota Hilux and the Nissan Navara NP300, and told you the reason why I finally choose the Navara above the Hilux.

Well, today, after a year, here’s a bit of a review on how my Navara has performed.


Driving around in a 4×4 pick-up truck is different than driving a sedan or a small car. While the ride is bumpier than a sedan car, I can’t deny the fact that people seem to respect you more on the road, giving way when there’s a need to squeeze for space.

Anyway, in terms of the engine, the 2.5cc turbo charged engine works well delivering power when needed, and the annoying rev from the engine I mentioned in my Navara NP300 review is something I got used to.

Of course the perks of driving a 4×4 meant that road conditions were a thing of a past as I could easily navigate any type of road without much issue.

Navara NP300 cargo
There’s so many loads able to be carried with the Navara NP300

On top of that, I don’t have to worry carrying loads nowadays, easily having a huge big bucket at the back to fill with any ‘junk’ I need to bring with the latest being some 50 cement blocks.


Of course no car is perfect, and so is the Navara NP300.  Before you read on, please bear in mind that no car is similar, so I may have these issues, but another Navara NP300 may not.

First and foremost, the alarm light indicator of the Navara NP300 can start blinking for no reason.  This is not the alarm, but the alarm light. For some odd reason, it can start blinking, resulting in the alarm indicator lighting up, and the ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ sound being weird.

Navara NP300 alarm light defect
The defective Navara NP300 Alarm light.

The fix requires you to remove the negative battery line, leave it for 30 seconds, and reattach back the line.  Based on what I understand, this issue is quite common and it is more of an annoying issue than a performance/serious issue.  The problem has only happened once in 12 months, so there’s nothing really to worry about.

Another issue which annoys me is the availability of a squeaking sound when I do a sharp turn.  Based on what I read online, this has something to do with the belting of the truck, but I will let the mechanics look into it when i send my Navara NP300 for its 20,000 check-up.

The basic audio system of the Navara NP300 was actually adequate, so when I upgraded mine to the Nissan (Tan Chong Motors) GPS enabled, 5-inch multimedia system for quite a sum, I was basically wasting money.  This is one of my largest regrets about the truck I bought because for the same amount I spent on the multimedia system, I could have got a better multimedia system from outside, though I was told it would void the truck warranty.

For some reason, the Navara NP300 seems to have a rather poor paint job as I notice some parts of the cars have spots. They are not major, but uh, they can be seen if you check the body thoroughly. Compared to my Proton Saga BLM, it does seem that the paint of the Navara NP300 is slightly thinner, but this is also perhaps just me being critical.

Navara NP 300 Paint
Two dots on my Navara NP300 which were there from day one, and can’t be removed.

This is totally unrelated to the Navara NP300, but after a year driving the truck around, parking is still my biggest nightmare.  I am still not used to the size of the truck, and my parking so far is far from ‘beautiful’.


Compared to my previous car, the Saga BLM, the Navara NP300 seems to save fuel.

I drive in the city most of the time, and the truck does go out almost every day, covering almost the whole of Kuching City and sometimes the outskirts, with the aircond on.

Navara NP300 range
The fuel range is shown by the dashboard. //Photo credit: Wahi

For all the trouble, including being trapped in countless traffic jams, I spend about RM240 a month on Diesel, which is approximately 160L of Diesel in a month, pretty decent for a truck of 2.5cc.

The on-board fuel indicator estimates my truck consumes 12.5L for every 1km, which is not exactly economical if compared to a normal car, but yeah, good enough for a 4×4.


The Nissan Navara NP300 so far has been pretty good, and as you can read, there’s little to complaint about.

Of course it could be better, but not every car os perfect. After a year, I am satisfied with the truck, and I do hope it will last for longer times.

That said, I would still recommend the Nissan Navara NP300 as I think it still performs well after a year.



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