Parking Coupons In Kuching


Bet many think I’m just whining over this long overdue issue. Not that I need to, but after years of simply paying my fine and compound for parking my car in Kuching, and yes, also showing how unhappy I am with one of their officers as she was rude, I guess it’s time to vent my frustration here.

Parking in Kuching is relatively cheap. 20 cents for your first half an hour, followed by another 50 cents for the next half an hour, and an additional of 80 cents for every half an hour subsequently after that. We Kuching people rarely hit past the hour mark, so we do end up paying 80 cents for public parking.

However, when you do exceed that hour mark, and you didn’t display your additional parking coupons, you get a small compound ticket equal to the amount of the parking coupon you are suppose to display. This compound must be paid within 3 working days.

Now, that’s my problem.

You see, sometimes, we spend an extra large amount of time away from the car and only return to the car when it’s after office hours. This, most certainly results in a stack of compounds on the windshield. It’s not a pretty sight, but it gets worst than that. The parking compounds need to be paid in 3 working days, and if you fail to do so, it’s an extra RM10 per ticket.

  • So what if you happen to go out station after that?
  • What if you are not from Kuching City and you only come once a while?
  • What if you were in such a rush, you just had no time to go and pay those fines?

Yes, it basically means you need to pay an extra RM10 for every parking compound you have. So, if you had 10, that’s RM100. Talk about money going down the drain!

I’d sincerely hope that those concerned would extend the grace period for the compound payment. A week or two would be good enough. If some do forget about it after that, well, by all means, charge them the extra RM5 (best pricing) or RM10 (like the compound I got above).



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