Proton IRIZ fuel consumption

Proton’s 1 Tank Challenge proves Proton SAGA fuel consumption is lowest

Apparently the 2019 Proton SAGA fuel consumption is the lowest when compared to the new Proton IRiZ and Proton Persona.

As you may have read before, Donovan represented me to the finals of Proton’s 1 Tank Challenge for Sarawak, and he came out as the winner of the competition then.

He was later flown to the National Finals of the same competition in West Malaysia and took part in the finals which saw him drive from Kelantan to Johor.

I won’t be talking much on the competition here, but rather focus more on the Saga and Iriz and fuel consumption of Proton’s latest line of cars.

Proton IRIZ fuel consumption


Donovon drove the new 2019 Proton Saga for his journey, and the final results of the challenge saw the same car emerging as the most economical car of the three.

According to the official results of the competition, the Saga used up only 4.65L of fuel for every 100KM during the competition.

This was enough to crown the car as the most fuel efficient car among all the winners.

The second most economical car would be the new 2019 Proton IRiZ which used up 4.82L for every 100KM.

The Personal wasn’t too bad either in terms of fuel consumption, using up only 5.03L for every 100KM.

Since fuel consumption of a car differs according to driving style, below is the full fuel consumption results for every car category.

Iriz Media
1. 4.82L/100km
2. 5.35L/100km
3. 6.85L/100km

Iriz Public Participants
1. 5.31L/100km
2. 5.52L/100km
3. 5.56L/100km

Persona Media
1. 5.03L/100km
2. 5.13L/100km
3. 5.68L/100km

Persona Public Participants
1. 5.16L/100km
2. 5.27L/100km
3. 6.28L/100km

Saga Media
1. 4.78L/100km
2. 4.99L/100km
3. 5.06L/100km

Saga Public Participants
1. 4.65L/100km
2. 4.69L/100km
3. 5.65L/100km

You can see the general pattern in the results which show the Proton Saga as being the more economical car in the line-up in terms of fuel consumption.


You may have guessed that Donovan didn’t win the competition.

Proton only rewarded the most fuel conserving driver in the national finals, so you could say that there’s nothing much to brag about this time around.

However, the competition itself revealed that Proton’s latest models, particularly the new 2019 Proton Saga, Proton Persona and Proton IRIZ, is a huge step forward for the national car maker.

Proton SAGA fuel consumption

Not only did the Proton Saga score well in fuel consumption, the 2019 Saga was also well praised for being rather complete.

In fact, Donovan had a lot of nice things to say about his 2019 Saga ride and even asked if he could trade in his old Proton Saga for the new 2019 Saga. Of course this wasn’t possible, but he just had to try his luck.


Well, frankly speaking, the results of the 2019 Proton Saga fuel consumption itself is a huge draw to the car.

However, I am currently seeking a small city car to buy, and the Proton IRIZ is a contender.

I will be doing a quick comparison of the cars in my choice soon, so do wait-up for that post.

Proton SAGA fuel consumption

Anyway, Donovan’s feedback on the IRIZ had also been very promising, and the Proton IRIZ fuel consumption figures from this Proton’s 1 Tank Challenge makes the car a massive contender for that ‘city car’ I am looking to purchase.

That said, I hope to find time to visit the nearest Proton showroom and give the IRIZ a test drive soon, and probably do a review of the car as well.

Until then, Proton’s 1 Tank Challenge for 2019 has concluded and I do look forward for future collaborations with the national car again.

Do you have anything to say about the challenge as well as the new Proton car line-up? Let me know in the comments!

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