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Typical view at my village

I’m finally back at my own apartment after spending like a week at my parents, and at my ‘kupuo’ a.k.a village.  I’m still half way through those 458 exam papers. My back hurts, and I’m just freakin’ tired of reading the words “Enzyme”, “Lymphatic”, “Osmosis”, “Swollen”, etc. etc.  I should have studied harder, and get a medical degree.  At least, I’ll be looking at those same words, but get highly paid to mention them.

NEC and my blue pen

Installed Windows 7 (finally!!) today.  Will do a review on it when I have time.  I noticed I’ve been blogging about serious topics lately.  Arghh… It just proves that I’m out of ideas of what to blog about, and that I have nothing better to do than talk about issues which do not really affect me in so many ways.

Anyway, I bought two waffles from Magic Bite yesterday.  One was for me, and the other was supposed to be for Amiey. She declined to eat it, so it headed to my refrigerator when I reached home.  Anyone knows how refrigerated waffles taste like?? Well, it obviously taste of waffles but its generally like putting a bar of chocolate inside bread.  Yuckks!!  I threw it after a few bites.  I guess, there wasn’t any magic in Magic Bites’ waffles once they are frozen cold.

Frozen waffles

Jumping over to work again now, I am very sure some, if not most of my students are excited or anxious to know how they fared in their ‘difficult’ exams.  I think some of you may have noticed a few comments which made it here.  Uhh… I have only finished Paper II (Subjective), and I have to admit.. I am greatly struggling to mark all these answer sheets. I really wish there was a machine which could do the marking for me.  Holy Crap…. I only got a week left, and I still have tonnes to do!!

Answer sheets I am marking

Yeah, I know, this is a random post… just thought of updating you guys on what’s been going on lately with my life.

..and did I mention, I’m moving out of my apartment soon?? I hate moving, but I have to…. This apartment just sucks, big time.


  1. hi
    thanks for ur hard work to teach my son
    many regards to all the treachers in smk matang jaya

    All effort comes from your son. =D No need to thank me

  2. posh.. where r u moving to? bought a house, did u? 🙂

    I wish I did have my own bought house. Still renting. Moving very close to my current location =D Details when I have completed the move

  3. try to reheat the waffles in the toaster next time. 😀

    btw, how come ur comment doesnt have those cute alien icon like amiey’s.

    I activated the cute aliens for you =p and regarding the re-heat of waffles.. I don’t own a toaster yet.

  4. Adoi, kacian cikgu. 485 exam papers…good luck. My mum just complained to me about her marking exam papers too. You teachers are really admirable I can’t imagine how you guys not only tahan monkey kids, and still mark exam papers and do lesson plans everytime. Seraaaam…

    Seram??? Hahaha.. I haven’t said anything about the issues in school yet!! It’s just the tip of the iceberg =P

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