Review: My new Everki Swift backpack


As I mentioned before, I bought the Everki Swift backpack to replace my eight year old bag. The bag can be seen above, although the professional photo below might justify it better.
Everki Swift
Been using the bag for a week since I got it last Friday, and I must admit that it was a worthy purchase.

To be entirely honest, I was a bit disappointed when I got the bag because it just hit me that I may have purchased the wrong bag, somewhat ordering the smaller Everki Swift instead of the Everki Glide which was slightly bigger, had more compartments and one special compartment I figured could fit well for my water bottle.
Everki Glide
But I decided not to return the bag and just use it as I really needed a bag.

Well, after a week, one of the best features I figure would be the adjustable straps which I thought were nicely done. My previous bag had caused some problems to the more bulkier me as I find it hard to squeeze my hand into the straps due to its narrow location, but such problem didn’t happen with the Swift.

Aside from that, the longer length of the bad also meant that it was more comfortable on my back if compared to my former bag which was shorter.

Now, part of my disappointment on the bag was the fact that it has less compartments, but luckily, the bag turned out to be bigger than I figured.
Everki pocket
The Swift had no problems swallowing my laptop and its accessories, while at the same time walloping my water bottle.

To make thing sweeter, there’s a front compartment which works well as a place to keep my wallet or things I need to reach out for in little time, and the straps do come with an elastic binder to keep those excess straps neat.
Everki strapsThere has been some worries about the straps not lasting, but so far, the Everki Swift does look like RM130 well spent.  Zipping the bag sometimes becomes a bit annoying as the zipper tends to get folded after opening.
Everki Warranty
After all, it does come with a lifetime warranty, so that does say a lot about their confidence in their product.


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