Revisiting Pasir Pandak


Shells at Pasir Pandak

Yesterday, I was in SMK Asajaya.  Left at 6am, and reached home at 5pm.  Was sad to see how the Robotics competition this year was held.  Was sad with the fact there was no final result after all the hard work… but “kita yang menurut perintah“.. so just follow la.  The result will be given by mail next week.  The winner would go to Bintulu next month.  For me, going to Bintulu would be a hassle, but not going is also not good.  Owh well, you could read the report here.

The journey to Asajaya wasn’t great.  We were given a mini school bus without air conditioned and the road to Asajaya was bumpy.  I swear, by ass was bruised in so many ways after using the bus.  In fact, the 2 hour journey by ‘that bus’ was the cause I am feeling really under the weather now.

So, when Amiey asked me to go to Pasir Pandak today, I agreed without much hesitation.  Two reasons prompted me to agree, one… I need to see something different than my working place, and two… there is some stupid, tidak faham bahasa idiot stalking Amiey at home.  Such a jerk.  So, I was guessing that a good trip to the beach would do wonders to relax the tense over everything which is happening.

At Pasir Pandak

And I was right.  Despite rain pouring through the journey to Pasir Pandak, it was all sunny when we reached there.  I brought along my cam, and camwhored with Amiey while strolling along the beach.

Beach football by some teens

Saw some teens playing beach ball, saw grown men jumping in the sea… even saw a sand castles left abandoned at the beach.

Sand castle

Soon after all those walking and running around on the beach with Amiey, I realized I was feeling rather jumpy….

Feeling Jumpy...

Jumpy can’t describe the exact feeling.  I think I was feeling overjoyed…

Feeling over the sun

No..No.. that’s not the best word.. I was feeling over the moon sun…. Like walking on air…

Feeling over moon..errr.. sun..

Uhh.. no… thoose words are still too small to describe how I feel. I was practically feeling like Superman….

Feeling like Superman

Yeah, this was a great day to be at the beach, and with the sun setting, showing off its beautiful natural glow, Amiey and I left Pasir Pandak with smiles… An evening that was just blessed.


  1. nice shots u got there. u looked really happy. i finally get to see the nutty side of cikgu cyril.

    Hahha.. got to release tension also ba… Don’t want to end up getting crazy coz of work… The nice shots are taken by Amiey.

  2. It’s good to have a day out from all the huslle and bussle of city life. What more to say, after a hard day work at SMK Asajaya. I went there a few times, and yes the road was bumpy and the journey was long. Usually if lucky enough, I would use the ferry. Oh…! Heheh Did you manage to see the principal, Pn Nur Juliana?

    You don’t really like going to Bintulu? Anything happened there? Hmm…

    We didn’t meet the principal because there was so many things going around. Anyway, its not that I don’t like going to Bintulu. But if we were to progress to the State finals in Bintulu, it means more hours working on perfecting the robot… and also there is always budget issues which I have to deal with. On a positive note, it would be great exposure, and I do love traveling:D

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Kekekekekekeekekeke Huahuahuahuahuahuahua LOL
    Thanks by the way…. 😀 You have successively avoided me with that orang gila… 😀 I enjoyed sangat di beach today…. 🙂

    A blessed day.. and I won’t say avoid..heheheh

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