Why Do Men Take Second Wives?


My attention was immediately caught when I saw the title of an article from Dina Azman entitled ‘Why Do Men Take Second Wives?‘.  Yeah.  I’d also like to know why do us men take on second wives, and its also interesting to know how a women sees it in their relationship as a women.

I know a lot of single women whom feel disgusted when the issue of polygamy does come into mind.  Most will say… “My man, is mine… and no share share!!“… and yet her points in the article contradict to this when she says: “Ya, but… actually, kan, for career women like us, it does work. Nak jaga laki 24 jam … gue tak larat la. Biar bini nombor satu jaga. After all, in Islam, polygamous wives are taken care of legally. Better a Muslim second wife than a common law wife.”  Interestingly, she even went to the extend of saying how convenient being a 2nd wife would be… and altough this topic does sounds so damn serious.. I smiled at her remarks there after which sounded a hell lot like “Sex once a week?! Baik tak yah jadi bini nombor dua macam tu! Chit. Once a week mana cukup?!“…. waahahhhahahaha…

Ah…. its her opinion, and I’ll be gracious about it… but my mind just can’t help thinking of something naughty.. really really naughty… a guys mind.. what would you expect?  hehhehe.. but frankly speaking… the naughty thought I am talking about does not make me horny any bit… so you might want to re-think of what you think I’m thinking.  Nonetheless, I’d like keep that thought to myself for now.

Emmm.. So why do men take second wives??  I seriously do not know… but if any of you know why do men take on second wives, do share. I’m all ears because I REALLY DO NOT KNOW why we men take second wives.  Maybe I should change my balls into something more feminine.. hehehe.. but that’s a very very long shot.  Trust me.

Apart from that, I just have to wonder why would any man want more than one wife, because there is a saying I’ve heard which sounds accurately like “There are 3 types of rings in the life of a man, which is; the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering“, and I think that’s enough for any dude out there to wonder “Aihhhh?? What’s with the suffering????“.


  1. y? because nya kenja la.. hehe.. i am really against it. i dun understand why some people can accept it.. it just doesnt make sense.

    >>>cdason says: Yeah Eda, I know what you mean by girls being against it. But yah… some people do see the practical of being the second wife (like the article)… it just makes me wonder… and because they are kenja?? hahaha… I think I could agree to that…hahaha

  2. Y r? Coz man mind is very simple and thought everything can be simple until he got the 2nd wife n then come the suffeRing part but was to embarrass to share their mistake then pulak brag to other guys bout how good is having two wives and then the mistake just go on and on to others… =P

    >>>cdason says: Yeah.. I’ve heard talks like this before. From those whom have 2nd, 3rd and so many other wives… They would brag on how great they are.. but at the end, when you dig deeper… you’d find that some of their wives are abandoned just like that.. and it goes on and on… and on..

  3. Haha.. u can say that again. In my office, my drafter have 3 wifes! I couldnt imagine with my salary I couldnt keep up with myself, dek dek gik people like him. Feeding 4 adults+7 children. On top of that, each wife stays in different state. And the stories being told abt each wife also sounds nothing less than regret to me. Is that a very smart thing to do?

    >>>cdason says: True.. I hardly have enough money when Im alone.. let alone to support another.. and another.. wonder how they manage.. I guess its not such a smart thing to do ..

  4. Ala, jaga satu bini pun tak larat, nak jaga multiple bini? Imagine when all your wives PMS at the same time, how? Or if you have 3 wives, then each of them tak eturn PMS-ing each week? Take it from a woman: we women are very strange breeds and not easy to figure out…even to us women…and if you can’t handle one full grown woman think extra, extra, extra lots of time when you want to have more than 1!!!

    I honestly don’t have opinion on polygamy. I’ve met people that practice it and doesn’t seem to have problems. But you always wonder behind close doors…unless you’re Sultan of Brunei where you can keep your wives in different luxurious fully equipped castle (that way takde jeles2 between bini), you have the stamina and libido of 10 horses, you have a lot of money to throw around when it comes to kids of different wives, you’re rich enough you don’t have to work for a living so you can spend time with everyone and you supply your wife each with their own psychiatrist, manicurist, pedicurist, saunas, gym fee pocket money, shopping pocket money, makeup pocket money…we women cost money, ok?

    Count the cost of having one woman, multiply by 3 (to cater for all extra jealousis) and that is the ‘kebahagian berpoligami’. Sex with multiple wives does not even begin to sound worthy now, isn’t it? =P

    >>>cdason says: hahahha.. thats a long argument.. but I do feel you are right 😀


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