Joining the Revolution Sale because I still believe in Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Final Markdown poster

Online shopping has changed a lot since it was first introduced in Malaysia, but did you know that Lazada is actually the first online store in which I bought an item online from?

Back then in 2012, there wasn’t many online stores, but Lazada back then was kind enough to offer really great discounts that I bought the Canon SX40 Powershot IS camera for a steal at RM 1,349 (normal RPR was RM1,699) and a Toshiba 32-inch LCD TV RM350 (normal RPR was over RM500), and you can read about it because I did blog about it here.

Canon SX40 IS camera I bought some 5 years ago.
Canon SX40 IS camera I bought from Lazada some 5 years ago.

Yep, Lazada and I go way back, so it’s only right for me to make this post to tell you about what’s coming from them.

I guess, the experience with Lazada was so good that I started frequenting Lazada more often after that, buying loads of stuff which prices ranged from RM10 to over RM2,500 with gadgets and smartphones ranked as the highest purchased items on my shopping list to date.

My shopping spree with Lazada is so huge that I’ve perhaps spent more than RM30K in Lazada alone since I first shopped with them in June 2012, with items such as smartphones, cameras, power banks, autogate systems, CCTVs, and a lot of electronic devices now owned by me, courtesy of online shopping at Lazada.

My orders with Lazada Malaysia in the past
My orders with Lazada Malaysia in the past

As you know, these items I buy on Lazada aren’t exactly exclusive to this particular online store, and some, if not many, would ask why I would want to take the risk to shop online, when I could get it myself in a local brick and mortar store?  The argument would say that buying it in a brick and mortar store allows me to feel and test the device first.

Well, to be honest, technically I do test the devices first by visiting some random electronic or computer shop to get a feel of it. We call this process ‘survey’.  Then once I know of the model and make I want, I start looking it up online because with such great competition, prices can go so much lower, and this beats haggling at a typical brick and mortar store which usually end up with either you or the shop owner with a long face at the end of the day.

Aside from that, shopping online allows me to save time and money, not only through the discounts offered, but also by allowing me to browse through so many different items and options at the click of a mouse, at the comfort of my home.

This meant I wouldn’t be wasting money on petrol and parking tickets, and most certainly would be saving time on shopping because there is no queue or need to get out of the house to buy an item. My air liur also save because I don’t have to ask “Boss, boleh kasi kurang ka?

In fact, buying things online allows makes me a smart consumer, despite my impulsive buying sometimes, because I can easily compare prices and rethink my purchase, hence ensuring every purchase I make is only done after I am sure it is the best option.

The Xiaomi CCTV I bought from Lazada
The Xiaomi CCTV I bought from Lazada

Lazada has last month also emerge as one of my most trusted online shops after they refunded in full, two items I bought, but got lost during delivery.  For me, this is a very important trait of an online shop because you are basically pre-ordering an item online until it reaches your doorstep, and knowing they take your lost items seriously, makes them one of the best.

The latest incident with Lazada, a first for me since 2012 enhanced my trust with Lazada Malaysia, making me even more assured to buy more expensive items with them in the future.

With that said, their coming Online Revolution Sales this 12.12.2017 would be the perfect avenues for me to check out great deals and discounts for the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 which I have been eyeing for quite a while.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on Lazada now
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on Lazada now


I mean, I could already get it at RM2,599 (normal price is RM2,999) with 0% interest monthly installments if I bought it right now at Lazada Malaysia, but with an insane number of discounts assure to be offered during the Online Revolution Sales this coming 12, I’m pretty sure I can bring that figure down without haggling.

So yeah guys, the Online Revolution Sales is coming from 11-14 December 2017, so if you want to buy something you’ve always wanted, or get a gift for someone this Christmas, look it up by clicking the poster above.



  1. I do believe online purchase is the way to go. its happened long ago….. just in a different form. However
    I am beginning to wonder about Chinese Vendors on Lazada . out of 9 items I ordered, one was unbelievably damaged , one was short supply and the other a slight damage. as the shipment came in installments my confidence just declined with time.

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