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What Christmas Is All About

http://www.britepic.com/britepic.swf This is probably my last post before Christmas. I know, I should be saying something sweet and short, but I'm thinking this might be a long post. To many Christians, Christmas is the day...

The Silhouette Guinness Christmas Main Course

When it comes to anything related to beer, I have to salute Guinness Stout, or better known as Stout locally.  They not only have a unique taste, but also rate among the best beer...

Celebrating the birth of Christ

It's that time of year again.  Christmas.  Most Christians would be busy preparing for it, one way or the other. For my family, it would be simple.  Its 'huge family' dinner time, or rather...

Something Special

I just had to go to church this evening.  Felt there was a need to do so after listening to a few Christmas tracks which accidentally played on my computer. Christmas has always been my...
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