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Summing Up A Lousy December Early

When December came, it felt like a Friday. November was awesome, and I was definitely looking forward to December. However, that feeling came and left. Despite the lively Tweet-Up Kuching 2011, December presents nothing big to...

The BCCK Raintree Christmas Dinner Course

The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) is known as one of the best venues in Borneo to have a conference/concert/party/meeting etc (you name it). I'm not the only one saying so, but some close...

The Best Christmas Gift

Christmas was like 5 days ago, but I just have to brag about the best Christmas gifts I had this year. Before I proceed, I must admit, this was among the worst ever built up...

Get Reloaded & a Pizza at RM1

Okay, I kind of lied. I thought I would only update my blog after the New Year, but something came up, so here I am updating my humble blog before the date I said...

When The Chef Is New

I bet every Kuchinginite knows Pullman Hotel. Yes, I am talking about that huge 5 star hotel perched on the hill which looks outstandingly modern inside and outside. Well, their Chinese restaurant, Nu Er...


Been wanting to tell you guys that I went to Buntal somewhat last week to eat seafood with a couple of friends.  The damage was RM73 for 5 dishes which were made up of...

The Christmas Chronicles 2009

Christmas ain't Christmas they say, without the usual family gatherings.  This Christmas was sort of like a typical Christmas for me with a good gathering among family members back in the kampung, and having...
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