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The Public Speaking Crash Course

A lot of people think that as a teacher, public speaking would be peanuts for me. The reason would be due to my daily presence in front of the people, giving out lessons and...

Kota Kinabalu: The Sexy Town

Not long ago, me and the bros decided to call Kota Kinabalu, or KK "The sexy town".  Why use 'town' instead of 'city? Well, it sounds nicer in 'town'.  Kuching we call "The City...

Kursus Induksi & Biro Tatanegara

Huuuuaaaaahhhhhhh!!! It's feels so long since I've updated my blog.  If you guys have noticed, I was kind of silent, and was not really replying comments for the past few week.  Also didn't do any...
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