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When we all pray for Sabah

Last night i somehow had the opportunity of watching the mutilation of one of our policeman in Lahad Datu by the Sulu forces. The gruesome video indeed should not be showed to minors, but it...

Sarawak vs FAM

The recent incidents surrounding Sarawak football is taking its toll.  News are going viral about how the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) is acting up again, with Sarawak being clear victims as they are...

Security at football matches in Malaysia

Football is a game of passion, and when passion is at stake, adrenaline runs high. When it comes to football in Malaysia, emotions and adrenaline run even higher as the teams playing in the...

Football, Hooligans and Racism: Sarawak VS LIONS XII

In an intense game last night, Sarawak was defeated by LIONS XII.  While the results should be the real highlight, the post-match incidents coloured websites, blogs and news articles with many trying to give...

Sarawak ‘Crocs’: Lets Make Them Champions!

Many of you are like sneering at me just for bringing up the name Sarawak FA.  Heck, I know some friends may just like laugh away when I say 'Dude, lets come to the...
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