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MaggaAd – Online Advertising Done Different?

I actually stumbled upon this new advertising service called MangaAd. Don't ask me which blog it was, but the pinkish advert somehow caught my eyes. Not that I am into pink at all. I went...

Wonderful Borneo Anyone?

Let me put things in one phrase "Borneo is Asia, Asia is Borneo". Tell me what can't you find in Borneo? Apart from being the biggest island in the world, Borneo is not only...

Don’t Renew Your Road Tax With MyEG

Are you from the Borneo side of Malaysia? Do you want to renew your road tax online and save money and time?  If you are, continue reading... If not, you can leave. Before I start,...

Abusing The Internet

12Feb2009 UPDATE: I'm just freakishly busy that I do not have time to blog hop that often. Work!! Work!! Work!! Shit. Anyway, I did stumble upon this blog today about the Taliban. If...
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