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Price Tag

I’ve been double tagged, by One Other, and Amiey.. So, I guess.. I have to do this tag.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

1. Extremely cranky when my sleep is disturbed for no apparent good reason.

2. Love sports, but I suck at almost every one of them.

3. Seldom sick, but once sick… would be totally ‘out’.

4. Stubborn, yet find it hard to admit it.

5. Complain way too much, and still can’t stop complaining.

6. Adores music and live by it.

7. Would sacrifice anything I can to make the ones I love happy.

8. I don’t like keeping animals, but I dislike cats the most.

9. Have a huge circle of acquaintances, but a small number of friends.

10. Will only give respect to those whom respects me as an individual.

11. Hate nosy neighbors, people or those whom which can’t simply just mind their very own business.

12. Feel disgusted with guys whom always think that they are great, and that every girl girls digs them.  Jackass!!

13. A deep thinker, and only makes a decision after careful consideration.

14. Loves to stay at home.

15. Feels that occasions are no big deal.

16. Wants to travel the world, but can’t afford to do so.

17. Dislikes my job due to office politics, and also the time I have o be at work.  7am!!  Gosh!!

18. Uses brands which start with C, like Camel, Casio, Calvin Klien and the list goes on..

19. Doesn’t like to get into a fight with anyone, unless necessary.

20. Don’t like people whom are too religious to the extend of trying to be ‘holier than thou‘… no matter what religion.

21. I hate lazy jerks which are just darn lazy that they trouble people for their selfishness.  For goodness sake, if you are lazy, make sure you do not get others in trouble!!

22. I don’t feel any pity for beggars, and I don’t like beggars.  People with or without limbs should at least work to earn something.  I’d donate if he/she plays a musical instrument.

23. I sleep looking up, with my hands above my head.

24. Thinks that those whom reply to provocations are dumb, stupid and easy to manipulate. Ahaks!!

25. Em, last one would be.. I’m not great.. as I know there are others whom are greater than me, but I believe in myself, and what I can achieve.

That is the 25 things.. I should have put this up when I turned 25 last year…hahaha

I have no tag victims coz I always like breaking the chain of tagging 😛

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