The Best Pizza in Kuching


I know you guys know Pizza Hut inside out.  Some may regard them as the best pizza available, especially since in Kuching, selections of pizza eateries are kind of limited.  Saying Pizza Hut ain’t nice is totally not an option, because there is no fight at all.

Well, now there is a new pizza place in town which is not in the same league as Pizza Hut.  Not only are they not even close to mimicking Pizza Hut, but of all the places they could make and serve pizzas… they choose to serve their pizzas in a bar, a place which pizza lover’s wouldn’t even think to visit when wanting a bite of that awesome food.

The place I’m talking is Silhouette (which is located at tHe Sping, Kuching).  They do not serve nice, delicious pizza’s, but awesome, fantastic pizzas!!  Although taste is always subjective to the taster, but in my humble opinion, the pizza’s at Silhouette are unrivaled!  Take for example the pizza shots which I have featured in this post.  I don’t know their names, but I can’t choose between them because they put the word “AWESOME” in AWESOMENESS!!!”

I’m not joking, and I am in no way trying to lie to you either, but remember, taste is subjective.

So what makes these pizza’s special to me?  Well, if I normally get ‘bread’ and lots of ‘bread’ with my pizzas (I do mean the crust and how you eat more bread than the filling), Silhouette gives me more filling than ‘bread’.  The filling or I’d like to call ‘toppings’ each pizza which I tasted was delicious and amazingly tasty, while the crust and base or ‘thin bread’ features a soft tender taste when you bite it.  Uhhhhhh!!  I can’t actually describe it to make you salivate, but it was just awesome!  You just have to try it yourself!  The cost of each pizzas varies, but I assure you, it cheaper than you’d expect as the pizza’s are all in Pizza Hut’s large size and only range between RM19-26, depending on your toppings.

If you have a family, don’t sweat and worry to bring your kids along because they also have ‘Kids meal’ on their menu which cost only RM15 . It’s not expensive if you ask me, because a grown adult could actually be pretty satisfied with the portion served.  Don’t worry about the fact that the place is a bar, because the place only becomes ‘crazy’ with revelers after 10pm, and that’s when the kitchen shuts down.  Before that, Silhouette is amazingly made peaceful and suitable for a good date, or family dinner.

Okay, last but not least, you must have this pasta with meat balls.  I totally forgot the name (It’s called Fettucini Carbonara with Meat Balls,. Got the name finally from Shiok Mag!), but here’s a photo of it:

I tell you, this pasta is to die for!  OMG! OMG! OMG!  It was so nice, Joel, Fahriee and I were scrapping the last bit of it!I told you earlier that this place is not in the same league as Pizza Hut, because they are way better, and way cheaper!

For a food post, I know this is a long one.  I could have gone with Joel’s suggestion to just say “It’s too good to describe.  Go try it yourself!“, but then… that would be a really short post.

Well, with all that said, I am happy to announce that Silhouette, tHe Spring, Kuching is my new favorite dining place!  Damn, I’m hungry now.

Fettucini Carbonara with Meat Balls


  1. Oh dear, looking at your opening remarks, I must be one of those weirdos who think pizza hut sucks.
    I think Malaysians are weird. The proper way to eat pizza is by hand, and most of the pizza places in other countries are served on the go. but the pizza hut made it into….. a restaurant, which is sooooooo….. unusual. You do not eat pizza with fork and knife, you eat it with your hand. It is not served with mushroom soup and bread, it is taken with beer !!!
    That aside, pizza hut probably produces the worst pizzas I have ever tasted in my life. trust me, I am a pizza lover, I know.

    I think Pizza Hut isn’t the best. They are popular though because they are the most established pizza eatery around. Yes, pizza must be eaten by hand..AGREE!

  2. looks good! gotta try that place someday…

    and oohhhhh, your pic made me crave for Domino’s pizza plak! that too I gotta have this weekend.. 🙂

    The place is awesome. You should! I’ve never tried Dominos. How sad is that?


    cyrillllllll i want one… wah, this post makes me sooooo wanting to be back in kch now.. huhuhu.. sedapnye! seriously the pics r great n so is the review! great post cyril, u know i love food! haha..

    Well, come back la.. heheh.. its calling for you!! Miiiiirraaaaaaaaaa… Miirrraaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! *spooky voic

  4. this is very sad.. i was googling “pizza kuching” to look for nice pizzas in kuching cos i hate pizza hut and my favorite pizza place – silhouette – closed end of last month and i found THIS post! TT^TT


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