The end & the beginning

The photo above is taken during the last evening of 2009. I think it’s a clear sign of how 2009 is ending on a sad note for myself. In fact, 2009 is considered a bad year by many, and I think nature agrees. At least for those in Kuching.

Nonetheless, 2009 has been phenomenal for my blogging career, my real job, and also my personal life. I guess, if I do look at the positive side of these three things, they all reached a certain new peak in my life. Well, to be honest, it did suck at some point of the year, but eventually.. it grew better, although there were ‘hick-ups’ here and there. Did tonnes of things, attended quite a number of events, and made new friends. If you follow my blog, you’d know what has been going on throughout 2009. I don’t think I need to say more on what has happened.

On the down side, my finances has been horrible this year, and I am kind of plunged into debt due to overspending (I blame the haze which got me to install the new YORK aircond). It isn’t THAT bad, but still, having debt is never good in anyway. I am taking measures to cut down cost to ensure I’ll be debt free soon.

On a personal note, I look forward to more exciting good things in 2010, and I intend to leave those bad memories, or things I’ve done in the past (which I’m not proud off )behind me, TOTALLY… I’m taking this stand where I’ll look at everything in a positive manner, and trying to ignore those negative vibes which always attach itself somehow. I believe that nature agrees that I should look forward to better things by bringing up a beautiful full moon on the eve of new year (Photo above shows the reflection of the full moon).  Anyway, I’ve been holding to this quote a lot lately “What I’ve done is who I am, but what I’ve done is not who I’ll be.” If you don’t get it, well… I’m not explaining anything. But if you do, do feel obliged to amuse me with your explanation.

In fact, I feel drained, tired and kind of ‘out of steam’ lately… and I am hoping that 2010 would spell better days for me, and people around me, and hope that things will fall in place, the way I want it to be, although, I know.. that would require a miracle.

This post does sound like a sad prayer. I know. I’ve read it like over and over, but it’s what’s going on in my mind now. The second photo in this post, I call ‘LOVE SHADES’, as I hugely can say that I am missing her so much right now =( I don’t want to get anymore personal that what I’ve said above, but I’d like to wish everyone of you reading this a wonderful 2010.

The photo above, is the first day of 2010. If you can’t see it, then you are looking at this post way before the new day has arrived =P shows one of the last few evenings of 2009.  The fact is, I couldn’t wake up early enough to catch the 2010 sunrise, and when I did get up, he sun was so bright, and above my head. Thought the photo above would at least do some fill-in for the moment I lost =P Anyway, for what its worth, 2010 started with a beautiful sunny day…Happy New year all!

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