The Rainforest World Music Festival 2010: The Media Pass

To be frank, I practically jumped with joy when I saw an email from Gustino Basuan which reads “I cant find your email address. Please email me ASAP as I already list you up into our media list which entitle you for a Media Pass at the RWMF. This will enables you a free entry for the whole 3 days festival and all other Media access and priority at the festival.”  I guess he eventually found my business card because there was another email (on the same day) from him which says “Cyril, If this is your email address please reply ASAP. Thanks.

Don’t get why I’m jumping? Well, SMALL TIME BLOGGER, FREE PASS TO RWMF…errrr.. waiitttt!! free MEDIA pass to RWMF.  Now you do the math 😀

I bet it’s not hard to sum up the equation, huh?

Honestly, I was a wee bit dissapointed that I get to enjoy this privilege while I can’t extend the invitation to other bloggers.  Yeah, I’m the founder of Sarawak Bloggers, and I feel it’s selfish that I get to enjoy this sort of privilege, while the others don’t. I was kind of hoping for an early ‘discounted tickets’ so that fellow bloggers could also come down.. and we could have a gathering like last year, but anyway… everything starts somewhere, and with myself being invited officially as media, representing Sarawak Bloggers… I feel that it’s a start for good things ahead 🙂

Anyway, the 1st day of the rain-fest (I prefer to call the RWMF this way), was hectic. I was constantly moving up and down town, back and forth to settle the Sarawak Bloggers tee which was wrongly printed, get my wrist band from the organizers of the Rain-fest at Santubong and trying to attend and experience a Friday of the Rainfest. I had to skip the night concert because I had errands to do, so it was pretty busy… I only managed to watch one of the 9 workshops available, before heading back to Santubong Resort.

Well, the media center provided by STB for the RWMF was pretty awesome. Things seem to be well organized, and I managed to meet Stepfanie who is Borneo Colours Miri Liaison Officer. She’s pretty cool, and from her character and look, I can see a great future ahead of her. Too bad I couldn’t introduce her to more bloggers because she was helping out as a volunteer, and that kept her at ‘bee pace’ through the day.

As I recall, I had small chats with the performers including two guys from Watussi which I can’t remember their names (told ya I’m bad at names), and also managed to chat with the NTV7 reps to the Rainfest. The guys from Watussi were excited to be here, and said they have not heard of the Rainfest until they were invited but that’s about what I can remember. I’m getting older, so I think my memory is starting to fail me 🙁

Other than that, there was nothing much for me to note as I captured a few shots which you can see in this post.

With little I can say, I’m signing off for now…Saturday and Sunday will come soon 🙂

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