Trinx Tempo 1.3 road bike – My first road bike!


I finally bought myself a road bike, namely the Trinx Tempo 1.3 road bike.

I’m still keeping my XDS Rising Sun 300 mountain bike, but I figure if I were to go out far, I need a bicycle which has both speed and would be easier to cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, the mountain bike is great to cycle as well, but for every cycle/rotation, a road bike can give me more distance and speed.

And since I am usually cycling on well paved road when I go the distance, I figured I should get a road bike and use the mountain bike where the roads are less pristine.

So after a lot of consideration, I finally decided to buy the Trinx Tempo 1.3 road bike which is said to be a beginners road bike.

Specifications of the Trinx Tempo 1.3 road bike

I choose this road bike mainly due to its colour and the fact it had a disc brake.  It’s one of the few ‘branded’ bicycles which has such specifications at my budget range.

The specifications of the Trinx road bike I bought can be seen below:

  • Size : 26” 700 x 460 (Suitable for 165cm-185CM)
  • Speed: 3 X 7 21
  • Frame brand: Trinx Tempo 1.3
  • Gear brand: SHIMANO A050 , TZ510, TZ500
  • Chain: KMC
  • Frame Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Net Weight: 12kg

What I liked about Trinx Tempo 1.3 road bike

I think the Tempo 1.3 is one of the cheapest road bikes out there which features disc brakes and an alloy frame.

As I mentioned above, I have been looking for a road bike for a while, but most didn’t come with disc brakes if it had an alloy frame, or it fitted disc brakes, but had a steel body.

The shifters are Shimano which are a brand name in the bicycle world, and the derailleurs had been well adjusted so I could use it as it is when it came out of the box.  Shifting of gears was also smooth!

It also had quick release and the frame came with 5 year warranty.  Honestly, the warranty is useless because I bought this from a non-authorized dealer to begin with.

I however do like riding the bike as I made sure this bicycle was according to my size and I am very favourable of the colour.

Aside from that, I actually fitted and assembled this road bike myself, which adds to the satisfaction of having the bicycle.

Also, the alloy frame means it’s upgradable for future use, so that’s a huge point.

Problems with Trinx Tempo 1.3

This road bike is pretty basic. I think this is the main issue here if you don’t factor in the price.

It’s considered heavy at 12KG, and I guess the bulk of the weight comes from the handle which is made from steel. I have plans to change this to alloy in the future as well.

Aside from that, the shifters are pretty basic as well and there’s nothing much to shout about.

The shifters are also in the middle of the handle which makes shifting gears rather awkward at times.

Where to buy

I actually asked for a slight discount when I bought the bicycle. It was priced at RM1,450, but I managed to get it for RM1,350 provided I picked up the bicycle myself and self installed it.

This was only the second time I installed a bicycle, but I took up the challenge and I can say I am pretty proud of being able to install the whole bicycle.

Anyway, if you are up to offers, I found the bicycle on sale on Shopee as well with some sellers selling it from RM850.

The only problem about online purchases is that you will need to pay for the courier fees which can be hundreds if you are from East Malaysia.


There’s nothing much to complain about this bicycle.  The Trinx Tempo road bike doesn’t cost a bomb, and is a very basic road bike for beginners.

Due to this, there’s little to complaint about.  You get what you paid for, and this is precisely just that.

You can read my tips of buying accessories for cycling if you are interested to know more about cycling as well.

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