When The Chef Is New

I bet every Kuchinginite knows Pullman Hotel. Yes, I am talking about that huge 5 star hotel perched on the hill which looks outstandingly modern inside and outside. Well, their Chinese restaurant, Nu Er Hong is having a promotion which only cost RM18 this Christmas. For a 5 Star hotel, it’s cheap right?

The whole idea of the promotion is in fact to introduce Chef Soon, and I bet to share the delight of Pullman’s rich and awesome cuisine with everyone.

The RM18 promotion is simple, you pay RM18 for a selection of 3 dishes to be served to you which include one appetizer + one main course + one vegetable. It’s a healthy meal because no MSG is added into the food.

I’ll be honest, I totally forgot what I ordered, but I’m very sure I had friend rice, fish curry, chicken ginseng soup, and tofu, and I’d say it was filling and very delightful. Take my word for it. The dishes were awesome. What would you expect from a 5 star hotel? Anyway, here are some shots of the food at the event that day.

I also had a taste of ‘chang’, soft crab, and dim sum too, and I’d highly recommend the soft crab to anyone.

Anyway, if you have time, and you want to eat something different, and enjoy 5 star service, check out Pullman’s Nu Er Hong Restaurant for this promotion. It’s only RM18 ba.. That’s cheap considering it’s a 5 star hotel.

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