Yes, We Can!

I know, this is sort of like yesterdays news.  Almost everybody I know in the blogsphere has either said “Congratulations Obama” or something like “History in the US” sort of thing.  Me?? Argghhh…

I couldn’t really care of who is the president of the United States even if he has the power to change the way the world goes around.  It’s not that I’m ignorant, but its more of the fact that I’m busy minding my very own business.  Work has been hectic.  Most would expect work to slow down when the holidays come by, but mine just keeps on piling… and stacking itself like there’s no tomorrow!!

Ugghhhh… So, what’s with Obama?? Em, yeah… he’s the first African-American to be president (some would bluntly say ‘black-president’, but I was told that was kind of offending).  I remember replaying his speeches over and over like he’s some God or something.  I never heard any station play any of our newly elected Prime Minister’s speech back to back, and hail them so high.  Maybe RTM did play some old speeches of our Prime Minister, but it would be very obvious during the Merdeka celebration, and not when they are newly elected.  Oh well, I guess that’s how our country runs.  Everything is pre-determined.. Like Najib being the next Prime Minister.. *Yawn*

Well, honestly, I do think Obama would make a great President, but this hunch is purely based on his wise looks, his well said speech, and most importantly his promise of change.  Yup!! Change!!  This is what I think everyone is expecting from Obama.  Change of America’s foreign policy, and a change of arrogance to diplomacy.  I think most of us are expecting this to become reality under Obama.  A huge change.  After all, being an African-American would mean he is actually representing the minority of the Americans which are mostly Caucasians, and somehow, I think most of us do feel that he would be better in the sense that he would also care about the minorities when making his ‘world changing‘ decisions.

Anyway, the world is watching over Obama’s next step, and I guess behind all the rejoicing, we are actually all anticipating what he can do to make the world a better place.  Apart from that, I have to say that his win over McCain reflects true democracy, and I hope that Malaysia would soon make the same turn.  After all, Pak Lah did say that anybody can become PM of Malaysia, and I for once is eagerly awaiting for the day when a Bidayuh becomes one.

Congratulations to Mr Barrack Obama, and I hope you can bring more good to the world!

p/s: Emy and I are in talking terms 😛

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