TV Series Review: Gossip Girl


It wasn’t hard to realize why Blake Lively, the main cast in Gossip Girl wasn’t too happy about Gossip Girl and the morality it brought. If I am correct, she also didn’t allow her children to watch it and she has good grounds.

After season three, I found myself soldiering on to finish this six episode TV series because I wanted to know how it ended, but I can tell you, there was countless times I couldn’t help but roll my eyes over the plot of the series.

Not only did Serena V.D.W (played by Lively) the main act in this teen series, was a spoiled young brat, but she also made bad decisions in life over and over again, despite knowing the consequences. To make matters worst, almost all her mistakes involved men, drugs and schemes, and was sort of like a repetition every season.

I can actually relate with such situation, but I’ve learned that if the problem continues on despite continuous efforts to end it, then the problem isn’t really the problem, because the real problem is the person, and that was the case in Gossip Girl. In fact, after season two, Serena wasn’t the focal point of the series to me, but it was Chuck Bass, the bad-ass, romantic selfless dude.

From season three on wards, the only thing I wanted was for Blair Warldoff and Chuck to end up with each other, but their relationship dragged on, keen to keep me waiting. I guess that explains why I stayed til the end, it was to see where Chuck and Blair was heading.

Nonetheless, after six seasons of scheming and manipulation, not mentioning a tonne load of love triangles, the ending was close to perfect though I would have liked more deets how everyone ended up at the finale.

I dislike sudden jumps in time a series, and Gossip Girl provided just that. I have to admit however, the ending was fitting.

Anyway, X.O.X.O Gossip Girl

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