Bad Habits The Make You Go ‘Euuuwww!!’


Human’s have a lot of bad habits. Some create a mess, some collect items, while some pick their nose. I know I have a couple of bad habits which I intend to shave off slowly. However, ‘bad habits die hard’ the saying goes, and it will take time.

Anyway, I was having dinner one day, and all of a sudden, one of the people around me (not at my table) burped.  The odour of his burp was so strong that it reached me (mind you he was very close).  To be honest, I dislike people burping, and it is for me an awful bad habit.

While I’m not sure if it’s really related to a certain religion (merely because they tend to burp and thank God), I find the act of burping in front of people annoying, disrespectful and simply disgusting. Farting on the other hand I can understand because there are moments in life you just ‘terlepas’ as they call it in Malay.

Do you have any bad habits that make you dislike? Do share if you may…


  1. Sometimes I burp.. terlepas.. but not loud la..

    I hate people burping… some times there are people who sengaja burp out loud.. Dont know what they want to show when they do that… Yucks!

  2. I burp and am proud of it! Haha! its disgusting, i know, but i happened to read that in Arab culture, burp is a sign that the meal was delicious and you appreciate it very much, and not to burp means you’re insulting your host. So everytime I burp (in a ladylike way la) i always imagine im among Arabians. *alasan*

  3. Odour? Omg! Odour or odourless, it’s definitely a hard thing to accept it when someone nearby does that… For most people, it rarely occures. For some people, it’s a habit, and if i may say that; it’s a must after every meal, especially extra heavy meals! So, avoid the heavy meals or avoid having a meal with those burping freaks, or eat quickly and get an excuse to go away quickly…ha3…going that extra mile to avoid that combination of sight/smell/sound…eewww…


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