Patio at Peace Resort

My patio project

After my Samui trip, I really wanted to have a proper outdoor patio on my house.  I actually already have a patio when I...
Doing cabling for the CCTV

Installing a CCTV around my house in Kuching

Installing a CCTV is not difficult. My house now already has an alarm system, but the thought of being able to monitor my place when...

Buying a mattress in Kuching: Which mattress is best?

A mattress is something one can use for years, and typically, good ones, can last for over ten years, maybe longer. My parents bought a...

A good built-in cabinet maker in Kuching

With houses now shrinking in size, the need to have a professional built-in cabinet maker is important because built-in cabinets not only save space,...

Choosing and installing a good water heater

a good water heater is important these days. When Carissa was about to be delivered, I decided to install an additional water heater at home because whoever...

A good renovation contractor in Kuching

A good renovation contractor in Kuching is usually difficult to come by because it seems almost anybody can become a contractor, only to have...

A guide to choosing a good hob, hub and oven?

Choosing a good hob, hub and oven is not an easy task. So, if you are bored of listening to me talking about my house,...
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