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Reviews is a prime category in Blog.CyrilDason.com, a blog owned, and updated by Cyril Dason since 2008.

This category is specifically about reviews of a wide range of products, services, entertainment and items which had been experienced personally by Cyril Dason, the blog owner.

Under this prime category, reviews are shared to the blog readers so to keep them updated on experiences that had been gained through experience of the said products or services.

Cyril Dason is a content creator and educator based in Kuching, Sarawak with over 15 years in content creation experience.  His followers come from around the world but are largely concentrated to Malaysia, with most of them residing in both Sabah and Sarawak.  Other than Blog.CyrilDason.com, he owns several niche blogs such as SarawakCrocs.com (Football) and KuchingBorneo.info (Travel). He is also well established on InstagramTwitter and Youtube.

Changing my domain to cyrildason.com

If you haven't noticed, you have been redirected.  You are no more at http://cdason.com, but at http://cyrildason.com. I've kept the same outlay, and the title,...

How Cool Is DiGi?

I bet you all have your favorite telco. Some may like Celcom, others Maxis, TM and maybe some will say they favour U-Mobile!  I...
Lagenda Budak Hostel

The best part of ‘Lagenda Budak Hostel’

Last weekend, I decided to watch a Malay comedy flick called 'Lagenda Budak Hostel' because I saw this one clip which went viral on...

Civilization IV: Freedom of Religion

A friend of mine can't attend a party he really wants to go to because of his 'religion', but our country says 'Hey, freedom...

The People Hub

One of the most significant difference about the HTC HD7 which runs on the Windows Phone operating system is the People Hub. I took some...
Chuwi Surbook Delivery Box

My Chuwi Surbook has arrived. This is the unboxing

Hey, after months of wait for the Chuwi Surbook, it has finally arrived! - Six days after Chuwi said they had sent my Surbook. As...

Is GSC’s D-BOX Seats worth the price?

Last Friday, I went to catch The Legend of Tarzan, and decided to try out the new D-BOX seats at Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)...
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