Dokumentasi Aidilfitri

Hokay.. It’s not often that people call Raya as Aidilfitri, and it’s not often that I do use a Bahasa Malaysia title either.. but ‘Dokumentasi Aidilfitri‘ sounds resoundingly nice to read out loud by any standards.

Raya wasn’t that great this year. Don’t know why, but it just felt that way.  I’ve to admit that I went out to less by half houses this year, if compared to last year.  In addition to that, I limited my visiting to only houses within Matang, Gita, and Semariang area, largely to save up on fuel.  Pay will be early next month (October), and it will be as usual in November… that means, if I do not budget properly, I’d end up broke by early November, and that is bad!!

Anyway, this post is not about my pay, but about Raya itself.  In total, I visited 10 houses throughout the Raya.  Most houses were elaborately decorated and unique in their very own special way.  Food was abundant, with most houses preferring to serve rendang, ketupat and lemang; which are of course the traditional Raya dishes.  I actually planned my journey for this Raya with houses in Matang coming up first, before venturing to Semariang and Gita on the second and third day.  Surprisingly, traffic was not so heavy this year and that resulted to a harmless traffic jam which is far unlike the traffic jam last year.  In fact, I under estimated the traffic, that I arrived at my destinations a few huge minutes before I was expected.  Even had to wait for the food to be cooked because I was too early! *Damn!.. Malu*

Well, think that’s about Raya.  Nothing more to shout about because it’s the usual visiting here and there, and there wasn’t anything significant after all.  Also got some people whom interestingly had huge fireworks going up in front of their house.  I wonder how they got their hands on the fireworks? heheheheh…

Hahaha.. such a short post on Raya this year. A huge thanks goes out to all whom has offered plates and plates of Rendang and curry for me to fill up my tummy this Raya, and those whom have invited me over during this Raya.  Well, here’s a special pose or photo this Raya coz it involves the ‘Rainfest trio‘ (as Fahriee said in FB), and Norman…  (sorry Norm ;P Next year, if you are around, we become a 5-some for the Rainfest)

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