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View of the sea from Bintulu (Tg Kidurong I think)

I was in Bintulu for the Sarawak National Robotics Competition 2009 last week. The journey to Bintulu, as I said here took a miserable 10 hours, and I can say I am still recovering from it. Now, I am down with flu, cough and fever. Don’t think its the infamous AH1N1 virus because I do admit I have been feeling very tired lately. Yalah.. work.. work.. and more work…. it never stops, but if you don’t get it done, you get scolded. *SIGH*

Amiey on sand

Anyway, I shared a room with Colin of a school in Lundu. Being room mates, he invited me to join in him for dinner with his buddies in Bintulu. We people, the so called ‘ushers’ of the teams we represent, were not given/sponsored food, and were asked to fork our own money and make a claim from our department later.

So, during one of those times, an interesting topic came out. Girls… or better known as wives. Being the only single but unavailable man, Colin’s friends advised me with tips on choosing a wife.

Amiey submerged from underwater

The fact is, their advice was nothing to shout about because they said ..” Number one.. your wife must be beautiful, because if she isn’t, I don’t think you’d like her in the first place.”… Uh.. Okay, I thought. Agree 50% with this, but I do think that beauty does not mean everything. Makin cantik, makin susah jaga.. makin worry, right?

Their second point sound similarly like this; “I look around, and see my friends and colleagues, and I feel very blessed because I have a wife which is very understanding. She understands that I have friends, and she knows sometimes I do want to hang out with them at nights. I really pity some of my friends which have to sneak out, cheat and lie to go out even with an all male companion, so brother, my advice to you is to get someone whom is understanding to your needs“…

At some point, I agree with this second statement, although I do have reservations on it too. I see that too much time with friends (once you are married) is not healthy, but yeah… some time would be great. This friend of Colin’s also pointed out how some of his fellow friends are checked upon by their wives every once a while to make sure they are not doing something bad or way out of line. Anyway, I do have colleagues which share similar fate, and I know what he means.

Permai sea view

Another point shared was later, with Colin stating that it is never good to get into a relationship through the mobile phone, meaning… ‘bergayut‘ or hanging on the phone. He also noted about SMSing each other too much is not good. Ahh.. to this point, I can’t say much coz to some extend, I do enjoy hanging on the phone and texting my girlfriend.

So, if you ask me, I think I have got point number 1 and 2 covered, because Amiey is very understanding when it comes to me hanging out with my buddies, and how can I deny the beauty she has?? But for point no 3 and 4? Ahhahha.. I think I’ve already stated my preference above. I do prefer to text and call up.

Love is in the air!! Hehehe

While I am at it, you guys/gals got any more advice?


  1. Wow…..been long time since I last drop by here….
    forgive me my bad 😛

    Love is an illusion, pretty or not it doesnt matter. what matter the most is the heart of both sex, it both heart got no feeling and cant even have proper talk on normal conversation, how pretty that gal or how handsome that guy are will be useless.

    Although I’m far away, I’m still happy for the both of you 🙂
    I can see that you both are always close and around for each other, and of cos….am blessed to have known u both 😀

    I agree.. beauty doesnt mean anything, but having a good and decent conversation is the utmost important.

  2. for 1 and 2, it works both ways too. what girl would want her boyfriend to be ugly right? and what girl would want a jerk for a boyfriend? so boys, be fair. dont expect beauty when u cant offer something similar. sometimes odds attract too, and keep an open mind. Like my friend said, “sik kisah lah rupanya camne, asal sik malu mbak berjalan ajak” hahahah

    Hahaha.. i have to agree on the last quote. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..kan??

  3. I’ve been with ONE boyfriend for almost 9 years now, still going strong i may say. we started when i was in form 2 way till now while doing postgrad studies.. plan to get married after this.. 🙂

    the first few years of the relationship was kind of childish and many unplanned stuff la.. i mean more of merajuk thingy, too much stupid fights n jealousy n that kind of crap.. at least after 2 years. we learnt that its better to tolerate each other, what i want, what he wants.. then in the end everyone is happy bah.. trust was built.. all there is, is trust..

    number one is – yeah, beauty dont mean anything, how great u look on the outside doesnt resemble how great or bad ur mind thinks or what ur attitude is..

    number two – i cant deny bout jealousy.. but in everything u must accept trust.. coz wit a lil bit of jealousy trust can break – a long long long way ahead.. even if u build trust for 9 years, jealousy of 9 minutes can bring havoc, would bring the whole relationship down.. if u want ur female partner to trust u, bring along ur frens once in a while, have fun TOGETHER.. bbq? dinner? movies? let her see what u guys talk or share about.. coz i find it BORING when it comes to hanging out with my boyfren’s frensss.. hehehe.. all they talk about are guys stuff.. – football.. etc.. do this vice versa.. it goes a long way.. so for me, i dont like to hang with his frens, i giv him his time, and he doesnt like to hang wit MY frens.. so sendiri2 la.. we do mingle during our own bbq’s n stuff.. but most of the time, yeah, id give him his time.. sekejap jak bah.. 🙂 relax la..

    number three – never question too much.. i mean i have my studies n work to attend to, he has his own work too rite? i mean after work, maybe he wants a beer or two? work is hectic enuf.. dont go asking/judging/assuming… sabar.. investigate slow2… u know him, u trust him, so bliv la in him..

    what about loyalty la?? i mean i AM so damn loyal to my BF.. how to know whether he IS loyal or not la? well.. i guess i just have to trust in him. i cant say or know that my boyfren isnt cheating on me or anything, i bliv he is not cheating coz, well, treat him well, everything’s well, talk to him about whats wrong.. talk talk talk la.. its gewwwddd.. there shouldnt b a prob bah.. if there is, work it out b4 its too late..

    # texting and calling aint a prob la.. i still do these… hmmph.. ok wat..

    heheh.. panjang cerita.. sorieee…

    Takpa.. panjang pun okay. Syok baca also ma.
    Anyway, you have your points… but sometimes, when you bring ur couple to outings with friends, they become uneasy because they dont really know them, and it makes the whole thing weird. Anyway, I agee la, sometimes, it is good to bring them along, so that they know it is all nothing to worry about.

  4. Wah…sentimental entry from Cyril. It’s good to see the soft side. Hahahaha…

    Whatever it is bro. Remember, once you are married to a person, you will be hooked to her for life , for worst and for good, for sickness and in health, till death do you apart. So, all the best. Cheerio!

    Macam bunyi time org nikah jak =P HEhhee.. but yeah.. its true..

  5. Romantic kitak duak tok. Very good! For me and my wife, we always share these three simple values:

    1. Both parties must give and take.
    e.g: share house chores, share responsibility for paying the bills, etc

    2. Trust the other parties.
    e.g: She need not worry if I go out alone or with my buddies because she trust that I will behave. Likewise.

    3. Never keep secrets from each other.
    e.g: We don’t hide things from each other. We share our problems and laughter.

    Simple right?

    Agree so much on what you have listed bro. Btw, romantic ka?? hahhaha

  6. You and me ALWAYS hanging on the phone.. for few hours….Minimum about 1 and a half hours…kekekeke and never stops messaging each other….

    Love you Hun…. 😀

    wuahha.. now lagilah dapat bergayut, ho?? heehee Love you too

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