Mee Selor Kolej Abdillah

I am sure that by now, Kolej Abdillah has produced at least 50k students whom now work practically anywhere in the world.  God bless such a lovely school!

The school which is regarded as one of the oldest in Sarawak, and also considered a premier school (during my time) has lots of wonderful memories spat right in the middle of my mind to the extend that I always wished I could turn back time and re-live those wonderful moments.

Lately, Kolej Abdillah has a different reputation, and although I do not want to go into the argument of what has it become off… I can just say it’s different.

One of the most significant changes comes in the sense of food.  It all started when I was still a student there, but now, from what I heard it’s worst (food wise).

You see, back when I was still an eager young mind, wanting to learn lots of new cool stuff, we had these people called ‘cooks’ working full time to feed us as boarding students.

No matter how nasty the food was, it was still delicious.  Proof would be the long queues for lunch, dinner, and supper.  In fact, breakfast had its share of fans, and brunch and tea breaks would also have adequate followers if it wasn’t for the fact that the girls used to shy away from the hall during these hours.

In fact, the principal then, Mr Putit Hj Ped had to introduce ‘identity cards’ as day students tend to join in to eat those glorious food.

Yes.  In Abdillah, we ate practically 6 times a day, and that does not include the ‘extra’ special food we would get if there was some extra work we needed to do for the school.

It was just something I bet not many schools do experience, and I bet most of us ex-collegians, especially during my batch would tend to very proud of.

I think of all the menu’s we had during our years in Kolej Abdillah, the one most glorified food ever, which I could also be deemed as un-rivaled, and now probably close to extinction would be the infamous Mee Selor.

Yup. Sound odd, but that’s the name, and it comes in two versions, the soupy Mee Selor (a.k.a Mee Selor Sup) and the dry Mee Selor (a.k.a Mee Selor Kering/Goreng).  Both, I tell you, are just equally delicious.

Skeptics would say I’m just honking an untrue tale, but if they saw the effort it took to be among the first to get in line, and how we tried to manipulate our fellow friends manning the food counters to give us HUGE PORTIONS (try placing a 1.5 liter bottle on an aluminum tray, and imaging that was the height of our noodles, an the tray was filled to the brim) of noodles, they would think otherwise.

The whole process to be among the first to get in line before the food counter opens itself is like a very complicated organized crime organization.  It involves those within (student servers on duty), the law enforcers (the prefects), the front-liner (those whom will go out early to stand in line), and of course the big bosses (whom just wait to pounce the meal).

How we did it would remain a mystery, but it was definitely worth every bit because there was no word or action which could describe the satisfaction of having those noodles in out tummies.  Add a bottle of  ‘hostel coffee’, and you’ve got yourself a complete meal to last till morning!  Even Starbucks can’t beat this combination.

I’m sure, most collegians who came out of Kolej Abdillah during the year 1998-2000 (I don’t know about the years before 1998) would remember what the whole experience was like, but I can frankly say that the topic ‘Ayam Setengah’, ‘Mee Selor’, ‘GC’, ‘Spektra’ and ‘Putit Pet’ will definitely ring up fond memories of those exciting years in this semi-boarding school.

p/s: Too bad we didn’t have many Digital Camera’s back then, because it would be better if I could show you guys the Mee Selor 1st hand.


  1. Mee selor started during my time, in 1996. That’s when Mr Putit came in. He’s the one who introduced it to us. Really, this school really feed us well, they do so because they know about our background, and they don’t want us students to worry about food, but study hard. Mmm.. i really miss the rendang/kicap beef, it’s the best ever, i always sweep clean the gravy with my rice.. i spoke to my old school mate 2 years ago about the beef, and he also agreed that the beef was his favourite. talking about it now makes me salivating oredi…

    haha.. talking about old times…hmmm….

    So it’s Putit whom brought it in? The beef.. yes.. OMG! That was also as nice. It’s funny how hostel food can be so appealing. Hahhaahah

  2. mee selor (soup) one of the fav supper too.
    but i dont recall any mee selor kering during my time.

    Maybe it’s a new thing.. but if you haven’t tried it… your missing a lot! =D When was ur time by the way?

  3. agree, there was no mee selor kering during our time, just mee sup. wonder how it taste. lyvnana time was same as mine. we were classmate..

    Its really like maggi.. only a little bit more nicer =)

  4. Hahaha mee selor, what a great things to remember, still fresh in my mind when it’s mee selor time students will get crazy to be the 1st to get it. Some even willing to bring their tray and hide it on the chair under the dining table at the dining hall so that they doesn’t have to go back to hostel and get the 1st in the line. On top of that all the beauty of that mee selor is the memories it create. I can bet you i never ever eat that mee alone in one tray, most of d time 4 to 5 of us shared one tray (dats y it’s as high as 1.5 liter bottle or more hehehe) that’s the sweetest memory. And when i became senior our junior became our buddies becoz they had to line up for us to get us the mee selor hehehe, but it’s not bully, we even share with them. Wat a memories. It is the best when i became one of the “messing” crew to serve food during supper, we get the best mee selor 1st hand hahahaha. By d way, i saw putit at kubah ria in 2008 and man he still the same, jogging with the same shirt n long pant and cap juz like he used wear when in kolej hehehehe. Anyway, kolej abdillah is the one who built me and i have a lot of “sweet” memories there hehehe.

    Yes, Kolej has the same effect with me too 🙂 Proud to be a kolejian.

  5. It’s not maggi, it me lee fah actually hahaha not many people knows dat hehehehe

    Lee Fah Mee? I tot it was some unbranded mee. Lee Fah mee is nice.

  6. haha.bring back those old memories.during my period (2002-2003), there was no mee selor.:(. the premium meal was the black paper chicken.damn!!always ran out of stock.mybe the crew ate those chicks!!haha.putit always ensured that his beloved pupils will have enough meal.


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